Alien: Covenant – Ridley Scott regrets filming it?

During a recent interview, acclaimed director Ridley Scott he admitted that he bitterly regretted the choice he had made in recent years. This is the one that is made between “Alien: Covenantand continuation “Blade Runner“, the latter was abandoned in 2017 precisely for the sake of creating the former.

Ridley Scott Between ‘Missed’ Blade Runner Sequel And Alien: Covenant

In everyone’s life there are crossroads, turning points at which our paths could take a direction opposite to that which was taken. Turning points that, looking back, are easy to look at with regret. Scott, one of the most influential directors of modern cinema, regrets the choices made in the recent past. As he said during the interview diversityThe American director even admitted that he regrets that he refused to direct the sequel “Blade Runner” due to processing conflicts with “Alien: Covenant(continuation “Prometheus“which in turn is a prequel to the first”aliens“).

“I shouldn’t have made that decision,” she said. Scottwho for many years realized the project, which later merged into “Blade Runner 2049“. A choice that, on the other hand, definitely benefited Denis. Villeneuvetasked with continuing the story of Rick Deckard. Film starring Ryan GoslingAna de Armas and Jared SummerHarrison saw Ford Return as the iconic android hunter with 2 Oscars and 3 other nominations. Success, not even comparable to the relative silence “Alien: Covenant“, went to the cinema quite calmly. Who knows what would have happened to these two films if Ridley Scott went the other way…

Recall, Ridley Scott will be back in cinema soonNapoleon“and he will be the producer”Blade Runner 2099“, a new series of sequels will be released on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribe to Nasce, Cresce, Streamma to stay up to date with news and reviews of movies and series!

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