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Alina Pușcău embarrassed Vin Diesel. This is the reason why the Romanian left him

Not only Madalina Ghenea managed to succeed the minds of famous Hollywood men. Alina Pușcău, a former contestant from Ferma, can also be proud of her relationship with the actor Vin Diesel. Although they lived an intense love story, the couple decided to separate. The star revealed what was the real reason he gave the slippers to one of the most coveted American actors.

Alina Pușcău, a life marked by quarrels with her father

The beautiful star recently revealed that she is going to get married, the beautiful event will take place this year. Although she did not talk about the identity of the man who stole her heart, Alina Pușcău confessed details about the reason for breaking up with one of the most appreciated actors in Hollywood, Vin Diesel. During Cătălin Măruță’s show, the former contestant from Ferma also talked about the difficulties in her relationship with her father, with whom she was arguing for a long time.

I had a family story with my father in which we argued, and I didn’t talk to him for 5 years. I later received a phone call telling me he was dead. That’s when I learned from life that you always have to leave a door open. Even if you’re mad at everyone. You have to forgive and forgive yourself first. Accept the situation. It was very difficult for me for two years. Everything changed from there. (…) I was no longer proud, said Alina Pușcău.

Given the fact that she went through difficult moments during the whole period when she did not speak to her father, after his death, Alina had to learn to accept herself as she is and to forgive herself. However, the opportunity to enter the world of Hollywood was a new challenge for the star. In order to keep away from unpleasant experiences, Alina Pușcău chose not to reveal herself completely, but to wear a mask.

In Hollywood, I put on a mask because if you didn’t put on that mask, everyone would make fun of you. He was shooting at you, he didn’t respect you. (…) I always had to be a happy girl, but inside I was broken, the actress added.

The actress participated in the Farm competition, from PRO TV
The actress participated in the Farm competition, from PRO TV

Which is why the star broke off her relationship with Vin Diesel

Marked by past experiences, Alina Pușcău acquired a fear of marriage and becoming a mother. Also, one mistake was necessary for everything to collapse around her. The same thing happened with the relationship that the actress had with the famous star Vin Diesel.

Because of the family pattern and my father, I was afraid of marriage, I was afraid of having children. (…) I have suffered. I would go home and cry. I was hurt. But I didn’t want to show up. If someone made a mistake once, it’s over. Vin Diesel made one mistake and it was over. He invited me to his parents for Christmas. A friend of his said that his girlfriend left him and that they and everyone else wanted to go to Miami. He said, ‘Are you upset?’ I said no, but of course I was upset. That is why the relationship ended, confessed Alina Pușcău.

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