Alina Pușcău, unexpected revelations from the relationship with Vin Diesel. Why they broke up

At the beginning of February, Alina Pușcău announced to Cătălin Măruță that she would definitely leave Romania and return to America. No, he’s not going back to any of the famous relationships he’s had so far. She did not want to say who persuaded her to go to America. But the star still talked about one of her famous relationships in Hollywood. It’s about the relationship with the top actor from Hollywood, Vin Diesel.

Alina Pușcău was the great love of the American actor Vin Diesel

One of the most famous models of Romanian origin, across the ocean, Alina Pușcău caused a stir with her beauty in Hollywood. One of the box office actors at the moment, the star of the “Fast & Furious” franchise, Vin Diesel, was caught in the nets of Alina’s beauty.

It was not a long-term relationship, but Alina Pușcău speaks only superlatively of American. The beautiful memories she has with Vin Diesel still make her remember today with nostalgia what was between them.

“We talked, we met, but everyone is with his life, he has children… If we see each other, we talk, he enjoys me, he told me that I was the love of his life. When he saw me at a table somewhere, he fell in love with me. So many times when we saw each other he would tell me “Let’s try again”.

Some things happened a few years ago, but when I finish with someone, I finish, and I simply finished out of a very easy thing, I even said. ”, Said Alina Pușcău.

The relationship with Vin Diesel ended because of the actor

Although he admits that it was his great love, Vn Diesel seems to have been the one who determined Alina Pușcău to end the relationship, although it turned out to be a beautiful one. The famous model told this episode and admits that sometimes she acts on the first impulse, but nevertheless she never regrets the relationship she had with the famous American actor, today worth millions of dollars.

“I was upset that he left with his New Year’s Eve friends and left me alone. After 2 years he introduced me to his family. After that, he simply told me he was going with his friends. He asked me if I was upset. Of course I was upset, but I didn’t tell him then, I was small too, I was 20 or so years old.

It hurt a lot when I left him and I started a relationship with Brett. And his mother was very hurt when we broke up, she loved me very much. I was like that, if someone did something wrong to me, I didn’t need that person anymore. I changed when my father died and I didn’t talk to him, I was mad at him. That’s when I realized that I’m not doing well what I’m doing, I have to leave that gate open, forgive the man, and listen to what he has to say, because you never know what can happen! ”, Continued Alina Pușcău.

The model in the role of Sophia Loren

Another reason for Alina’s departure to America is the opportunity to star in a massive Hollywood production. Alina Pușcău received an offer to play the famous Italian actress, Sophia Loren, in her youth, and such an offer is undeniable.

Especially since he will play alongside big names and suitable friends, such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Gerard Butler, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, or Anthony Hopkins. Alina Pușcău is happy for this opportunity that could increase her international notoriety.

“My ex-boyfriend, Brett Ratner, had to make the film and the Hollywood producer simply came to me directly, I don’t know exactly what happened between them, but I think they got upset and looked for me in Romania , take me to the movies. Brett doesn’t know, he didn’t find out I was going to be in this movie. I don’t know exactly when we will start filming, it’s a little more complicated because of Covid.

I am asked to get the vaccine and I don’t want to get the vaccine, so far a few videos have been made, but I haven’t started. I have to film in Rome, and for the time being it is not possible to film there, and I think in Romania as well. We’ll see! I heard that Sharon Stone is also in the movie. ”, Alina told about this project.


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