Alison Brie could play She-Hulk (Hulka)


Alison Brie could play She-Hulk (Hulka)

Actress Alison Brie has starred in the series GLOW of Netflix could make the jump to the Movie Universe of Marvel playing She-Hulk (Hulka).

The latest information on the breads Marvel Studios they claim that the actress Alison Brie, or a type “Alison Brie”, could assume the role of Jennifer Walters in the tv series Disney + She-Hulk (Hulka).

Always has been thought of an actress to interpret to She-Hulk (Hulka)fans comes immediately to mind stars of action as Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey. But it seems that they would prefer a style more akin to Alison Brie and that becomes a character green probably CGI. That is to say, in the style of Mark Ruffalo and your character Bruce Banner / Hulk.

Recently it was speculated that the star of the series Brooklyn 99, Stephanie Beatriz, it could be this character of Marvelbut she herself denied the rumors.

Soon will confirm who will be the chosen one

It is expected that the production of the series begins during the summer, so you may not spend a lot more time until they get some news of casting for the series.

Alison Brie could play She-Hulk (Hulka)

While, Alison Brie who played Ruth Wilder at GLOW and he lent his voice to Diane Nguyen in the animated series BoJack Horseman, has other projects on the go. In 2020, it will premiere The Rental directed by Dave Franco, but also is in the midst of filming Happiest Season. This film is about a young woman who has a plan to propose marriage to his girlfriend while in the annual holiday for your family. But there he discovers that his partner has not yet reported his homosexuality to his parents conservative.

So if you really the actress Alison Brie signature by Marvel Studios to interpret She-Hulk (Hulka)she must clear your agenda and focus on that character.