Alison Brie, plunges us into a dark dramedy from Netflix


In these days of quarantine where we go through the catalogs of different platforms, can be found in Netflix the movie ‘Horse Girl’, directed by Jeff Baena —’Love zombie’ (‘Life After Beth’), ‘In sin’ (‘The Little Hours’)— and starring Alison Brie, who also wrote the script along to Baena. And is one of those movies that you love or you hate.

Brie, from the success of ‘Glow’ is one of the faces most loved of the platform, gives life to Sarah, a saleswoman of a shop of crafts that can not find their place in society. Without friends and without a partner, Sarah is alone and obsessed with a horse when you visit often (sounds like a nod towards Diane Nguyen, the character who puts voice Brie in ‘BoJack Horseman’).

Is an innocent girl, almost naíf, with a peculiar vision of life… and with an important history mental illness in the women of her family. Little by little, the strange dreams that have Sarah intermingle with his life, to such an extent that you don’t know if what you are experiencing belongs to the real world or the dream. In the meantime, you try to fit in, make friends, even find love… but is continually sabotaged by the advance of the symptoms of his disease, the same schizophrenia that were suffered by her grandmother and her mother.

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‘Horse Girl’ is at the same time a drama, a comedy and a thriller. Moments full of tenderness (especially that you share with your co-worker, a always successful Molly Shannon) and now almost, almost, horror. As the chilling gesture of Sarah in that short flat looking in the mirror, which functions as a point of departure to the 180 degree turn that gives the story.

What begins as a movie indie bright and colorful, evolves into a dark tape, and that darkness is taking ground at the same time that the protagonist begins to leave a glimpse of your disease and you can not do anything to let go of it. According to Alison Brie, the script is inspired in cases of schizophrenia and depression in his own family, and the fear that that causes.

The possible plagiarism of ‘Horse Girl’ and ‘Store of unicorns’

This film has not been without controversyshortly after that estrenase in Netflix jumped a charge of plagiarism. Joe Badon, director of the modest ‘The God Inside My Ear’ defined it as “a version of higher-budget” film of his, and has even uploaded a video comparing them plane to plane. Here’s what you have to come to your own conclusions:

‘The God Inside My Ear’, which like ‘Horse Girl’ mixes comedy, drama and horror, it premiered in 2017 and had a lot less travel than the one that has had the tape starring Alison Brie. In fact, if behind ‘Horse Girl’ would not have been Netflix, you probably also would have spent much more unnoticedand maybe you would not have jumped the controversy.

Also, when you see ‘Horse Girl’, it is inevitable to remember and ‘Store of unicorns’, the first feature-length film as director Brie Larson (interestingly, another “Brie”) and again with the Network platform Hastings as a backup.

Premiered last year, this debut recounts the life of Kit (the Larson), a peculiar girl who after failing as an artist is forced to return to live in their parents ‘ home. But for Kit it all changes when you discover The “tent”, a mysterious place, hidden from the eyes of normal people.

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Samuel L. Jackson (with whom the actress and filmmaker coincided a few months before in ‘Captain Marvel’) showing your vis more comical (or not) as a seller, and an impeccable Brie Larson, giving life to a young victim of their own fantasies, re-form a perfect tandem in this film, which like ‘Horse Girl’, shows the hard side of mental illness wrapped up in wrapping paper and almost infantilizándolas.

But in ‘Horse Girl’ the crazy colors and the streamers are just before that in ‘Store of unicorns’. Long before, in fact. Despite the similarities between both movies, the tape of Jeff Baena is much more raw the ode to the glitter of Brie Larson.

Horse Girl

The two revolve around women with mental health problems, and have how to deal with them, each in its own particular way and both by mixing your fantasies with reality, with the difference that Sarah does not get to control them. It is just this side of hopeful ‘Shop unicorns’ which we do not see in ‘Horse Girl’. Because a comedy indie bright and colorful, as I defined a few paragraphs back, it can also be heartbreakingly real.