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He was born in Los Angeles and you know what came into the world to do since you have autonomy. Mainly to act, but also to guionar, direct, think in sets, costumes, music. Like when I was a child and rode works for the neighbors. Skits funny, imitations, jokes, green things, things that make you laugh. With that and theatre enough for him: Alison Brie didn’t want to be a girl of Hollywood. Not because I had doubts that there was headed, but I wanted to wait, make an entry more triumphal. As a teenager, he kept that confidence and natural inclination for the comedy –one of the gags was to rush out of the school naked in running shoes, and climbing a tree, and the counselor was worried because I didn’t have a plan b: “I don’t need, I’m going to be an actress,” she said. Graduated in dramaturgy. He then studied more in Scotland. When he got his first gig in television, he was a hairdresser in Hannah Montana– the more an agent had abandoned her because he refused to let the character of Ophelia in the theatre.

At 25 he got his first steady job: it was Trudy Campbell on Mad Menthe series which reconstructs the beginning of the advertising industry in the ’60s, a character of input without flight, the wife loves house of a minor character, Pete, a man ambitious and inexperienced that he is unfaithful since the first chapter. Is won until the last second on the screen: you gave that woman all the attitude and grace as possible, with a peak in the sixth season when he learns the husband who always knew of the infidelity, he just needed that off, discreet, and the next I will destroy you
. Since then Alison Brie felt satisfied –“oh, a young actress living the dream!”–: recorded at the same time Communitythe hit sitcom from NBC where he was member of the group of characters central: the very forceful and demanding with myself Annie. Also had work as an actress of voice in various animated series for adults. So went on Netflix, as Diane, the writer ghost Bojack Horseman.

Alison Brie in The girl who loved horses

He began his story in the indie film the first hearing she gave the yes. Acted in horror movie, sci-fi, thriller, comedy, macabre, family drama, until in 2010 she was hired for a role in Scream 4as the publicist for Sidney Prescott, who dies in fourth place. The interesting character did not come right away. The bids ranged between protagonist in romantic comedies is not the best –Nothing stranger than love, Never among friends (2015)–, and papers pawns that met effectiveness: also a used corporate in contention for a position, in A family man with Gerard Butler. It is also the voice of Unkitty, the cat unicorn The LEGO movie. All the characters they can find value, she thinks. “No one wants to be without a job. It is difficult to say no when still no sos known. Have to do curriculum before being able to be selective. If you say many times that not, corrés the risk that it will open more doors,” said on 2017, their year break.

Premiered The Post: The dark secrets of the Pentagon, from Steven Spielberg to Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Your character is the daughter of her. And nothing more in dramatic terms, but it was there. Spielberg indicated that out directly, that doesn’t like to rehearse: “If he does not care, I dont have to worry about”, was his attitude. Almost at the same time saw the light of the project of his brother-in-law, James Franco: The Disaster Artist: masterpiecealso based in real history, where he interprets the bride of the actor that follows the current to the amazing Tommy Wiseau. But the most important thing then was happening in tv –land that remained with holdings in fiction and entertainment programmes as one of battles of playback–: had come to his life, Ruth Wilder, an actress trying to make a living in Los Angeles in 1985, the protagonist of GLOWthe great number of Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch (Netflix) on the creation of a show tevé fighting female. Of all those that auditioned, Ruth is the only actress. It is the most enthusiastic, the most striving, and yet there comes a point in which they all have defined his character of a fighter and she’s not. Makes up to Zoya, the Destroya, a Russian; but it does much more than that –for everything that doesn’t do the grumpy director of the future program–: directed openness, idea arguments, makes people laugh, save the potatoes. A character beautiful with moments of all kinds, that the leaves show their potential like never before. And won by force of auditions because he was not the candidate favorite, and as happens in these cases, incarnated up with the tabs, made it grow, and so it is also in the set, who went on to direct a chapter of the third season (there will be a fourth and last). “What he felt to do exactly what you wanted and that you get it right?”, asks Ruth in the last chapter to a colleague who did the monologue feminist Miss Juliathe work of Strindberg.

Now finally came the time. Fresh out of the Sundance film festival, Netflix premiered the drama-thriller Horse Girl (The girl who loved horses); not only is the role more distinct, strong, and complex of his career –the first time, at least on screen, that your ability of interpretation results in a character that is sad and uncomfortable– also a movie that was his idea and the screenplay he wrote alongside the director, Jeff Baena, known Joshy (2016) and In sin (2017). The idea came from the stories from his mother about the grandmother with paranoid schizophrenia, but do not touch any of that in the film, which has, with patience, tremendous music and good secondary characters, different stories in one: Sarah grieving mother, Sarah and his history with horses, Sarah and her fascination with the supernatural, Sarah and her nightmares every time she mixed more with the reality. A reality that she lives with sweetness in spite of it all. A film enthralling and deep. The moment where Alison Brie begins to design their way into the industry; the character that elevates it and gives it its deserved attention and respect.