Alison Brie will have to differentiate between reality and fantasy in the new trailer for Horse Girl


What do aliens, ghosts, or mental disorders? We don’t know what it is, what is a fact is that Horse Girl he promises to fill us with suspense. So let her see his new trailer.

The beautiful and talented Alison Brie is back in this new original production Netflix entitled “Horse Girl”. In this tape, Brie plays Sarah, a worker of a store of arts and crafts that don’t actually carry also with people in general.

This prefers the company of horses (referring to the title) and shows crimes of the supernatural. Everything will start to turn strange when different events extranormales will begin to happen in your life. scratches on the walls, appearance in places unknown and nosebleeds are some of the things that happen to Sarah.

This will lead to Sarah in an internal struggle in which you must get out of this fantasy world in which maybe (or maybe not) is immersed.

Horse Girl account with the shares of Debby Ryan, John Reynolds, and Molly Shannon. Is produced by Duplass Brothers, the production behind Safety Not Guaranteed, and Room 104 of HBO.

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Watch the trailer below.