All About “Allen v. Farrow ”, the Documentary About Woody Allen That Could Destroy Him

Allen v. Farrow

Woody Allen has had to face a series of accusations of sexual abuse by his daughter, Dylan Farrow. This has sparked a conversation between those who believe in Dylan’s testimony and those who are in favor of the director, however now a documentary is coming which will touch on the controversial issue and could be the endpoint of Allen’s career. It is about the HBO series called Allen v. Farrow which reopens this debate, and if you are interested in knowing when it is released and what it will be about, we leave you all the details you need to know.

1. Premiere

The first of four chapters of the series was released through the HBO platform on February 21. From this, they will be released weekly; on February 28March 7, and concluding on Sunday 14.

2. Topics to be covered

The production will give the opportunity to listen to the version of Dylan like never before because after almost three decades since the subject has not been touched in-depth, the adoptive daughter of the director and her mother have a space to talk about their version of the story in great detail.

In the first episode, Mia talks about her history with the filmmaker and how their relationship was forming. She was already the mother of seven children when she began an affair with Allen, and despite the fact that he said he had no interest in strengthening ties with them, little by little he began to grow closer,  especially with Dylan.


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In her story, Mia says that Allen’s attention to her daughter worried her and she even asked him to see a psychologist discuss the matter. The documentary is based on testimonies from Mia, Dylan, friends, and family of the couple to verify their story, in addition to presenting unpublished photographic material, recordings, and home videos.

Thus, the series plans to review in each chapter the different stages of the case, from the first accusation to the investigation. On the other hand, it also has the conclusions of the specials and social workers, which gives more weight to the story of Dylan and Mia.

3. Allen’s answer

After the premiere of the first episode, a spokesman for Allen spoke about the production. Through a statement shared in various media, he reaffirmed that the accusations are false.

“These documentary makers had no interest in the truth. They spent years collaborating with the Farrows and their facilitators to put together a work riddled with falsehoods. Woody and Soon-Yi were contacted less than two months ago and were only given a matter of days to “reply.” Of course, they refused to do it. ”

In addition, the filmmaker’s spokesman suggested that the relationship between HBO and  Ronan Farrow, Dylan’s brother – and who uncovered the Weinstein case at the time – have something against the director. However, Ronan is not a producer on  Allen v Farrow and only appears as a “guest.”

The filmmaker has always remained firm in his testimony however in the wake of Dylan’s accusations, in 2017 – with the heyday of the #MeToo movement – Amazon Studios decided not to publish his film  Rainy Day in New York and his feature film  Rifkin’s Festival continues without a distributor in the United States.