All against Real Madrid! Spicy message from Valencia and quote from Piqué

The Che team called the match against the Merengues for La Liga de España a “robbery” and was backed by the captain of Barcelona.

tweet Valencia against Real Madrid

A new controversy broke out in The Spanish League, this time in the meeting for the date 20 between Real Madrid and the Valencia. A criminal became the axis of the conflict, which led to a spicy tweet from the Che club and the appointment of Gerard Piqué with a high degree of complicity.

It turns out that shortly before the end of the first half, the referee Alejandro Hernández Hernández charged a doubtful criminal of Omar Alderete on Casemiro for which all the Valencia players went up in smoke. However, they could do nothing before the referee’s decision and it all ended in the exchange for a goal by Karim Benzema, which made it 1-0 at the local level.

The situation seems to have upset the visitors, who ended the match with a 4-1 win against. However, they did not sit idly by from their Twitter account and, about the controversial criminal offense, they wrote: “The robbery in Madrid begins to be somewhat repetitive”, Also enchanting the Casa de Papel, the famous Netflix series whose plot is precisely thefts.

tweet Valencia against Real Madrid

Piqué’s appointment to the tweet of Valencia against Real Madrid

The one who did not sit idly by and got into the middle of the conflict was Gerard Piqué, captain of Barcelona and eternal rival of Real Madrid, who quoted the message from Valencia and posted: “Do not say it too loud that you are going to be sanctioned”.

Quote Piqué tweet Valencia


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