All Coldplay Albums From Worst to Best

Since he published – in the early 2000s – his first work, i Distasteful game They have changed a lot. The irreversible ascent to the Olympus of world pop brought with it lightness, but also social commitment, both of which can be easily found in the lyrics of his songs. I could devote a separate chapter to the accuracy of the concept of various functions, which are never general or predictable and always suggestive. A few days after returning to Italy (two dates in Naples, four in Milan), here’s the guide that reminds us how much I Distasteful game They are important to pop.

9. X & Y

What happens when in a matter of years you are overwhelmed with success, tabloids around the world can’t stop talking about you, your schedule is full of live engagements and you have to release your third album? It happens that you take a half-false step. In-spite of this x and y Still a good work, over time it has shown that it has had little effect on the public.

8. Music of the Shells

music of the regions The result is the long-awaited and colorful return, a journey beyond terrestrial barriers, punctuated by twelve tracks of close encounters of the third kind. The purpose of this journey among unknown planets is not immediate; This sticks up in the nose of many, but perhaps, once the before and after are defined, the Interstellar Project will take on the meaning and value it deserves.

7. Death and All His Friends

for uncertainty i Distasteful game They react with a definite change of momentum. As? Trying to mix the commercial part and the musically committed, mixing influences of a certain kind of rock and pop. great poster Violet Hill, First single from the album. death and All His Friends However, it has gone down in history for the appearance live longA song that literally sanctified him and which also earned him a good lawsuit for plagiarism.

6. Mylo Xylotto

the road has been traced and Mylo Xyloto is a perfect continuation of death and All His Friends, first single every Teardrop is a Waterfall Contains a (claimed) sample of a 90s dance track, rhythm de la nose: seems to have been written for the purpose of being played live and blowing up stadiums. but there are also Charlie Brown, Eden and a duet together Rihanna, Princess of China, Aimed to deliver continuity and attempt to consolidate the success achieved with the previous album, Goal Is Achieved. This work introduces the use of the representation of reality through a color kaleidoscope that will accompany them, in addition to brief parentheses Ghost stories, for many years.

5. Ghost Stories

A dreamy, light and melancholy record, released at a very special time in Joe’s life Chris Martin, Main writer of the band’s songs. midnightElectronic track, sung by chris With an almost unrecognizable and disturbing video, it’s the perfect prelude to this work. fond memories find place Magic And True love, The tour is not performed after this record, indicating that it is a parenthesis that represents a true picture of that moment in the band’s life.

4. A Head Full of Dreams

Head was full of dreams when the band was formed and together head full of dreams A circle closes. Determination got them exactly where they wanted to be. adventure of a lifetime is the first track, but this disc also contains duets beyonce, hymns for the weekendFabulous Evergreen and busy one up upby playing noel gallagher, After a very long tour and the release of a film telling their story with unreleased images, the band confirms that their musical futures follow separate paths.

3. Parachute

A crazy debut album. The band, practically out of nowhere, displaces everyone and becomes the revelation of the moment. Simple sound, sometimes muffled, gloomy atmosphere: guitar laps that often replace vocals, somewhat nasal and unmistakably a very young Chris Martin, A new formula that won over the public and took them straight to the Glastonbury Festival stage (only two years later they would have been the leading names). yellow, don’t panic, trouble, shiver Those are the songs that made this record memorable and unmistakable. If you’ve never heard it in its entirety, now is the time to do so.

2. Everyday Life

With this refined disc I Distasteful game He changed his ways as promised. With an oriental setting and a mix of influences between Arab and pop sounds, committed lyrics that focus on the consequences of the wars of our era, the aim of marking a clear disenchantment with their recent past is achieved. The only concession to pop, but always in line with the mood of the disc orphans, The double concert organized to launch the project and broadcast from Jordan (sunset/sunrise) is also very attractive.

1. Blood flow to the head

The cross, and the joy of every artist, is always an immutable disc, conceived in a state of grace. If you think about his style, the reference notch is and remains a rush of Blood to the Head. A perfect combination of pop, non-overwhelming arrangements, songs that stick in your head the first time you hear them. In My Place, Clock, The Scientist, Good Put a Smile on Your Face, Political: An incredible tracklist that will give anyone performance anxiety a kick. For all these reasons, to this day, it remains their best album, in fact, one of the best of the last twenty years in the history of international pop.

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