All houses from July to August AD

The July-August houses of AD speak of places where you always feel like you are on vacation. These are beautiful houses surrounded by nature, whether they are rural properties in the heart of Puglia or villas on the Cote d’Azur or overlooking the Aegean Sea. The common thread is precisely this desire to escape, which sometimes means returning home or finally finding a home.

Like an art dealer Nini Bonavoglia in Salento where near Ostuni, where he was born, he turned two rural buildings into an oasis of art, design and peace, listening to the call of the earth.

Exterior view of one of the two apartments in Salento. Two lamps on the facade Lindon Vico Magistretti (Oluche). Photo by Simon Watson

Simon Watson

Just like the Spanish designer John Urgoiti did, who left Madrid for Majorcadecided to live in ancient obsessedand where there were only weeds and ruins, he built an adventurous and iconoclastic abode, far from any cliché, like himself.

Entrance to the guest room in Menorca. Spanish sconces from the sixties, recycled marble chess floor and 18th century Spanish terracotta. Behind is an 18th century Spanish cabinet brought from India. Photo by Ricardo Labulya

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