All influencers and no stars: but where has the glamor of the Venice Film Festival gone?

“Who’s walking the red carpet today?” This question became something of a mantra for all those people who thronged the Palazzo del Cinema during the 80th edition of the film festival. Venice Festival. Festival The cinema of Venice has always attracted the attention of the public (as well as the trade press) precisely because it is an event that is not just Film Festival full of high-level films, but it is also a beacon on Fashion world and world-class stars. There, among the ultra-luxurious lands of the Lido, the greatest actors of our era walked along the red carpet. Last year, for example, it was the turn of Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck and many others. However, in the 2023 edition, due to actors’ strike which shakes up the entire film industry, few of the “famous” stars were able to walk the red carpet and present their films in the competition (or in related sections) to the public and the press. A heavy blow for all those people who thronged the Lido and hoped to get a photo or autograph from their idol.

In fact, even without the stars, the competition wasn’t that bad, considering Matteo Garrone was competing with his I’m the captainor Lanthimos with Poor creatures (who later received the Golden Lion), not forgetting teacher Bradley Cooper and Ferrari with Adam Driver. Very respectable films, there is no doubt about that, but which have gone somewhat unnoticed precisely because few (or none) of the main characters were exposed. red carpetdoing Festival and the Lido has the aura of a glamorous and large-scale event. There was discontent among the public and those who, at the first rays of dawn, sat in the front row near the barriers (and under the scorching sun), waiting for the start of daily business. In fact, in terms of films, the festival was very satisfying, but the poppier part was disappointing. Cause? Without a star on the red carpet, he folded tiktokers and influencers.

Festival with few stars

Yes, it may have been a low-key edition, but there were still moments of pure (and great) entertainment at the event over the ten days. In addition to Italian stars such as Pierfrancesco Favino, who opened the event Commander – actors of the caliber of Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey, Jacob Elordi, Sofia Coppola and Jessica Chastain, just to name a few.foreign talents who managed to come to our country to present their works. As the director of the festival himself said, the participating stars arrived in Venice with one special exemption by the actors’ union, which prevents them from participating in interviews or promotional events during the strike. In addition, the presence of other talent – for example, in Coppola’s film – was possible because the film was not shot in America, and the producer was independent major. This arrangement allowed some to be interviewed, photographed and autographed by fans. Of the 10 days, only 3 were noteworthy events. Other? Just a podium for (presumably) VIPs that caused a lot of discontent among the public.

Models and influencers only

So what can we do to try to make up for the lack of movie stars? The red carpet, of course, cannot be left without decorations, like this, between reality tv celebrities and TV presenters, catwalk models, influencers and tiktokers. Unfortunately, they were the ones who dominated the 80th Venice Film Festival. With their designer clothes I fashionable look and plastic smiles attracted attention photographers but not the public who watched with a dumbfounded look as the parade of fake characters arrived in Venice for their 10 minutes of fame. These 10 minutes were enough for all those models who attracted the attention of photo flashes with their beautiful (but revealing) fashionable clothes. But other than this, absolutely nothing remains of the Venetian red carpet.

But there were no stars on the red carpet

And who waited for hours under the sun in the vain hope of meeting film actor he did not realize that the hunt for VIPs began from morning until noon on the streets leading to the Palazzo del Cino. In particular, it is from the Excelsior Hotel that one has the opportunity to notice “famous people”, and this year, despite everything, a real podium took place at the exhibition.photographers’ shadow. From Francesco Archi, who took selfies and signed autographs several times, without forgetting the actors Sea outside who were the real stars of the festival, including Gabriele Mainetti, Pif, Gianmarco Saurino and even Ron Moss (Ridge Beautiful), who was spotted on the Campari Terrace sipping a drink. And then Damien Chazelle, shy but ready to meet fans, Maggie Gyllenhaal (Jake’s sister) trying to dodge photographers by faking a last-minute phone call. And again Elisabetta Gregoraci, Sabrina Impacciatore (busy in Venice filming Call me agent 2) and Alba Rohrwacher, who, like a true diva, avoided fans and photographers (except when she was walking the carpet).

And Venice continues to watch

City in the background immortal of Venice who, as a spectator, looks at this world, consisting of lights and colors, without envy. In the city, life goes on as if the Festival does not exist, as if the Lido is light years away. There are foreign tourists who come and go without paying attention to what is happening on the other side of the coast, admiring Venice and enjoying the art that can be felt in a city that always gives great emotions. In the shadow Festivalno one realized that Venice is left to watch (a few) Lido stars walk the red carpet while, meanwhile, the cost of living skyrockets, no matter how lucrative an event that celebrates cinema and all its (expensive) beauties is .

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