All maps available at launch

This is a list of 10 maps launched with the release of the new version of Valve’s competitive shooting game “Counter-Strike 2”. Start exploring and discover the best places to ambush…or where they can ambush you.

Last week Valve released Counter-Strike 2,A New version of competitive shooting game About to replace Counter-Strike: Global Offensive With various changes to new competitive systems, gameplay, or weapons, there end up being a lot of tweaks and differences.

but, What maps will be available at launch? You’ll be able to spot this in this piece of news, although we’ve already told you that such content is sparse and the community is protesting the apparent lack of content in this free-to-play game.

Here are 10 maps coming to CS2 at launch

Counter-Strike 2 Launched in 10 maps in total in 7 belongs to the competitive map group Appearing in Premiere and used in major eSports tournaments, while 3 others They are maps that exist in the game, but They do not belong to the so-called “official map pool” For the tournament.

As we speak, the reduced number of maps has sparked criticism from the community Without classic games like Cache, Cobblestone, Train, Militia or Assault, even if it’s just for casual play. Obviously, these maps are likely to appear in the future (in fact, there are already clues and references in the source code), but for now, the only maps available in CS2 are the ones you find in this news.

Tournament map set

First we have to review 7 maps available in Premiere competitive modeReferences within Counter-Strike 2 Has a new classification system. All these maps are bomb attack or defense and we can find the following:

  • ancient
  • Anubis
  • hell
  • mirage
  • nuclear bomb
  • overpass
  • Vertigo

Three casual maps, classic Dirt 2 and two hostage maps

On the other hand we have Three additional additional maps Appears in various game modes and experiences outside of Counter-Strike 2 Premiere we find iconic dust 2 The map has been out of the competitive map pool for some time, and there are two other Hostage Rescue maps more familiar to Counter-Strike veterans:

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