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This Thursday, November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women will be celebrated. women. Within this framework, various activities and marches will be held, not only in the capital of Neuquén but also in the interior of the province.

Through a statement, the Partido Obrero stated, among other things, that “on 25N we went out to reject femicides, trans / transvesticides and hate crimes, for the effective application of the ISS and the separation of the Church from the State, for the adjustment and the rejection of the payment to the IMF “. In addition, they demanded “for comprehensive women’s centers with interdisciplinary teams throughout the province.”

“Real measures are required to end violence: genuine work and salary according to the family basket, the right to housing, health and education, a comprehensive plan against violence that the 2021 Budget not only does not contemplate but is destined to the payment of debt with bondholders. In this picture, the payment of the foreign debt is criminal ”, declared the provincial deputy of the FIT, Patricia Jure, in the framework of the call.


Omar novoa

In addition to the activities that will take place on Thursday, the Undersecretary of Women of the Province will make other proposals. On Wednesday, November 24 at 6:30 p.m. the Conversation Prostituir is Violence will be held, by Marta Fontenla. More information at:

Meanwhile, on Sunday there will be a family aerobic march that will start at 9 in the Hibepa neighborhood (Primero de Enero and Los Patos). Accreditation will start at 8.30.

Neuquén capital

16 hours Art installation at the monument to San Martín

5:00 p.m. Open radius

6:00 p.m. March from the monument to San Martín with closing in the Roman Arches (Graciela Alonso Intercultural Space)

Villa La Angostura

Margaritas Square:

4 pm Workshop on healthy relationships and couples

Activities for children

Popular fair:

Activities of territorial promoters Micaela García

Pioneros Square:

16:00 workshop on dating violence

4:45 PM Municipal School Orchestra of Villa La Angostura. Laia Barbato and Guadalupe Barahona

5 pm Red Shoes Show, Undersecretary of Human Rights

Sample female potters

Entrepreneurial Women Fair

San Martin Plaza:

6 pm inauguration of Guadalupe sculpture by women potters

19 hrs March

Chos malal

5:00 p.m. municipal fair with musical closing by Noe Pucci

The sheep

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 First Meeting of Women and Dissidents from the North of Neuquén. From 9 o’clock at Epea N ° 1


From 19 to 22 the event “Song without fear” will be held in the Paseo de la Estación with live bands and dance groups. On Friday the 26th at 19:00 the ascent to Cerro Michacheo will begin, called “Free and alive we love each other.” Both activities are organized by the Gender and Diversity Directorate of the Human Development Secretariat.

Rincon de los Sauces

Informative and preventive walk under the slogan “My presence, your memory, our fight.” It will be on Saturday 27 at 11. It is an activity organized by the Municipal Council of Rincón de Los Sauces, the municipality and Rincón Running Team.

Eagle Stone

On Thursday the 25th, at 11 am, the municipality inaugurates the Red Bank in Plaza San Martín.

Saint Patrick of Chañar

On Monday 29 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Municipality’s Observatory of Violence against Women and Men of the municipality will carry out an activity in the square located at Calle Ingeniero Gasparri Sur and Ruca Choroy.

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