all movies are suspended in Hollywood

For countless weeks, a strike raged in Hollywood, declared by the writers of one of America’s richest industries. As if the damage and complications for major productions and historic studios weren’t enough, the protest will take on an even worse new dimension. In fact, through the Sag-Aftra syndicate, American actors will also join the debate, giving life to what has already been called a double whammy, for all intents and purposes. actors’ strike. The first and most devastating consequence of all this is the immediate cessation of all filming by actors and actresses registered in this union.

The scale of the event can only escalate, and in a movie system already in trouble for lack of writing hands, disaster is inevitable for what seems to be one of the most important film protests of all time. The impact of these demonstrations is so great that “only” the entire cinema system of the United States is paralyzed, but, consequently, the world as a whole. Hollywood is completely locked down and its next moves will really be decisive.

All films postponed due to actors’ strike

There are countless titles that will be affected by this gigantic manifestation of the entertainment professions, but what are the most important films left stranded by the great uprising?

Actors strike on Pandora: Avatar 3

Early concept of Avatar 3
Early concept of Avatar 3

James Cameron has already spoken during an interview about some of the main characters in the third film, scheduled for December 2024, anticipating important plot points while remaining very vague. Of course this date is unlikely to be respected. Despite the lack of juicy details, which are few in his recent interview, no doubt he regrets having to wait even longer for such a distant date.

Deadpool 3

One of the few images from the set of Deadpool 3
One of the few images from the set of Deadpool 3

When one of the very few images concerning deadpool 3, was a total mess. Seeing Deadpool and Wolverine side by side for a comic book fan must have been truly something to cheer about. Already officially delisted from Disney releases in early 2024.we have to understand how much this film will be delayed.

Beetlejuice 2, the spirit of the pig and the actors’ strike

Early Beetlejuice 2 graphics

At the moment, even for this film, there are not many details on the plot. The few securities we have, besides theatrical release postponement, is Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, who will return as their characters, Beetlejuice and Lydia, straight from the first film. In addition to them, and Catherine O’Hara, Jenna Ortega, Justin Theroux and none other than Monica Bellucci as Beetlejuice’s wife. To top it all off: Willem Dafoe and his creepy Underworld law enforcement agent.

poison 3

Our friendly symbiote
Our friendly symbiote

Important and interesting information about the villain who will become the main character of the next chapter has just been published. poison 3 he has to wait before he can go out into the hall. Despite the decline in sympathy with which the first two films were received, this could be a game-changer.

Mortal Kombat 2

First look at Mortal Kombat 2
First look at Mortal Kombat 2

Also this second chapter of the movie is taken from one of the most famous and beloved fighting games of all time. postponed indefinitely. The joint strike of writers and actors hit harder than expected.

Gladiator 2

Paul Mescal, the protagonist of the sequel to
Paul Mescal, the protagonist of the sequel to “Gladiator”

Some information about the new sequel to the film by Ridley Scott, one of them is the presence of Paul Pascal in the role of the legendary Massimo Decimo Meridio. One of the questions already echoing in the air when will it actually come outit: Can he match Russell Crowe?

Judge 2

The legendary Clint Eastwood waits for the end of the strike of actors
The legendary Clint Eastwood waits for the end of the strike of actors

Even the elderly cannot escape the consequences of this global event. So it was with Clint Eastwood. Judge 2 may indeed be the director’s last film, Hope to see you in the cinema soon and enjoy the fruit of the skillful hands of an author who is over ninety years old.

Lilo and Stitch

Animated film in 2002.
Animated film in 2002.

One of Disney’s upcoming live stream announcements is just that. Lilo and Stitch. Released back in 2002, the original animated film is loved by the public and especially by those who grew up on it. There have been no official images yet, and as things stand, we will have to wait even longer than expected.

mine craft

One of the most popular video games (even during the actors' strike)
One of the most popular video games (even during the actors’ strike)

Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies, making Minecraft the best-selling video game of all time. The massive pop impact it has had on the youth is undeniable, with most gamers in general collecting hundreds and hundreds of hours. But if the details about the film with the participation of Jason Momoa were announced recently, then today everything is postponed.

Cast Strike Unforgiving: Mission: Impossible: Payback of the Dead – Part Two

Shot from the set before the strike of the actors

Although productively speaking already well advanced, too Mission Impossible: The Wage of Death – Part Two large slowdowns resulting from the strike will suffer. Released in theaters in July, the pair’s first adrenaline-fueled chapter provides the first hint of Ethan Hunt’s final goodbye, for whom, however, we still have to wait longer than originally planned.

So, here are the biggest productions that had to experience great success associated withactors and writers strike. Many others have inevitably been hit by this wave of slowdowns and delays, and who knows how things will play out now that other professionals who are also absolutely fundamental to the sector have decided to get involved. But what do you think?

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