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The heat is gradually leaving and autumn is approaching. September is here, and with it, a few new features. Infinity+ it does not remain untouched by the latter. In fact, the Mediaset platform has several new products available to expand and update its catalog and on-demand programs. Among the most anticipated games, of course, there are parasites AND A star is born.

Movies on Infinity+ in September 2023

At this stage, it remains only to bring Full list all films released in September on the Infinity+ platform, in release order with all dates.

Most Anticipated Releases

Two characters from
Two characters from parasites

A star is born (September 1): Topping the list is Bradley Cooper’s 2018 musical film, which, in addition to directing, stars Jackson Maine, stars and sings along with Lady Gaga and Ellie. The film is the latest of three full-length drama remakes. A star is born since 1937. The other two were built in 54 and 76.

parasites (September 14): When protagonist Ki Woo, who comes from a poor family, finds a job as a guardian for the son of a wealthy businessman, things change dramatically for him, his parents, and his sister. In 2020, the product wins the best film at the Oscars (full list here).

The wolf of Wall Street (September 1): We’re in 1980s New York and Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, wants to break into the Big Apple as a stockbroker. His life of excess and corruption will last until he gets the attention of federal agents. Scorsese’s film was released in 2014.

Challenge – Spell (September 1): Director James Wan chronicles the terrifying supernatural events that take place in the house where the Perron family moves. A scary sequel film titled will also hit the platform on the same day. The Conjuring – The Enfield Case.

Ready first player (September 1): The 2018 sci-fi film directed by Steven Spielberg is set in the year 2045, when the world is on the brink of the end. The film won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects the following year. Tye Sheridan is the lead actor in the feature film.

This (September 1): Imagine being followed by a creature in the form of a creepy clown. His name is Pennywise and he keeps you awake at night. However, a group of teenagers have the courage to admit it.

Full movie schedule

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio in The wolf of Wall Street
  • September 1: A Star Is Born
  • September 1st: Baby Boss
  • September 1st: It
  • September 1: Annabelle
  • September 1: Annabelle 2: Creation
  • September 1st: La Llorona: Tears of Evil
  • September 1: Incarnation – Spell
  • 1 September: The Conjuring – Enfield Case
  • September 1: The Nun: The Call of Evil
  • September 1: Pets – Animal World
  • September 1st: Ready Player One
  • September 1: single
  • September 1: The Bourne Identity
  • September 1: The Bourne Legacy
  • September 1: The Bourne Supremacy
  • September 1st: The Bourne Ultimatum – Return of the Jackal
  • September 1st: The Wolf of Wall Street
  • September 1: Hangover
  • September 1: Hangover 2
  • September 1: Hangover 3
  • September 1: 300
  • September 1: Contagion
  • September 1st: King Arthur: The Power of the Sword
  • September 2: Phantom – Phantom
  • September 9: Ted, Ted 2
  • September 10: Tuna washed ashore.
  • September 13: Double love.
  • September 14: Parasite
  • September 17: woman
  • September 19: Mummy
  • September 23: The Bellier family.
  • September 24: The Boy Who Would Be King.
  • September 27: 40 – new 20.
  • September 30: Jungle Life: Help! – Movie

So these are the new wholesome games of September on Infinity+. Is there someone you are especially looking forward to? We have some ideas!

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