All of a athlete! Yanet Garcia was surprised with a hard series of exercises morning


As years are passing by, Yanet Garcia it was becoming one of the most beloved characters of the shows mexicans, standing in all programs in which it participates.

While it began as a simple presenter for the climate, the famous model managed to earn a space on the television, to the point that ended up being the host of the program “Today”.

But, in recent times, Yanet Garcia has stayed away from the recording studios, with the intention of working to develop a series of projects of their own.

That is why the mexican model is having an activity much more frequent in social networks, where people share their routines and favorite exercises.

As such, it has, through its official account of Instagram, the former conductive published a short video in which I could see making a series of passes and jumps.

To complete your posting, the model of 29 years he wrote an encouraging message to fans that said: “get up each morning and convince yourself that you can achieve”.

In less than a day, the model was born in Monterrey received a lot of comments that highlighted their beauty. In turn, the publication took more than 771 thousand reproductions.