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What stars do you see in Hollywood?

  1. Hollywood is full of couples stars that look alike, VIP how does he look separated at birth,
  2. It has nothing to do with genetics, as the celebrities we will tell you about in the post do.
  3. In some cases, the look-alike stars are so similar that it confuses not only the fans but also their colleagues.
  4. between lookalike pairs of star systems stands for men, which is constituted by Dax Shepard and Zach Braff,
  5. For females, they are practically the same Isla Fisher and Amy Adams,


credit: @daxshepard, @zachbraff, @amyadamsgallery, @islafisher via Instagram

join us eager to know who the others hollywood stars who look alike, So girls, let’s get started with tons of amazing couples vip lookalike,

#1 When Stars Look (A Lot!) Alike: Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

There are so many parallels in the world of VIPs, but so is God famous impersonator Nothing short of amazing. If it’s obvious that the children of celebrities look like their parents, for example, the situation changes when DNA has nothing to do with it.

So let’s open up this roundup stars that look alike The two fabulous ladies of the show actually have a lot in common. is the first pop star katy perryFor a few years he was associated with Orlando Bloom.


credit: @katyperry via Instagram – A selfie of Katy Perry

other actress Zooey DeschanelKnown to the general public mainly for the series new girl and for the cult film (500) days together.


credit: @zooeydeschanel via Instagram – A beautiful portrait of Zooey Deschanel

Of course, now that their looks are different the resemblance is less obvious – even though they still have the same smile – but it was really easy to get confused when they both wear dark bangs!

#2 Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton Are Often Confused Even in Hollywood

zoe saldanathat we all remember avatars (Not to mention one of her most famous movies), she is one of the most beautiful and attractive women in Hollywood, with her harmonious features, amber skin and deep eyes.


credit: @zoesaldana via Instagram – Zoe Saldana in a shot posted to social media

The similarity between the two confused even Victoria Beckham

it is not less Thandie NewtonBritish actress who has appeared in several feature films. both look so alike, so much to be often confused Even in the glitzy circles of showbiz.


credit: @thandienewton_love via Instagram – An in-depth portrait of Thandie Newton

Did you know, for example, that a few years ago — at the time of Newton’s last pregnancy — Victoria Beckham Did she get into real exchanges by confusing people?

#3 VIP separated at birth: Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Morgan

there are also many actors who look alike, charming and charismatic men who actually seem to have been split at birth. An example? Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Morgan,


Credit: @javierenandemunofficialwebsite via Instagram – A recent shot by Javier Bardem

Spanish actor, husband of Penelope Cruz and the protagonist of the series divine And the walking dead They are very similar, in appearance but also in features. who do you like? It is definitely difficult to decide.


Credit: @Jeffreydean.m Via Instagram – Actor Jeffrey Morgan in a picture shared on social media

#4 Kate Mara and Anna Kendrick could be sisters

between actresses who look alike then stand outside Kate Mara and Anna Kendrick, from bothappeal The special thing is that both the actresses are often confused due to their great resemblance.


credit: @katemara via Instagram – Kate Mara in a recent selfie

In many shots, especially when in three quarters or in profile, it is possible to distinguish multiple touch points between them.


credit: @annakendrick47 via Instagram – Anna Kendrick in her spare time

Of course, showing different looks makes the resemblance less appealing, but it’s undeniable that they share “a certain thing.”

#5 Even Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer look alike

Henry Cavill He is known to the general public for the role of Superman in various films dedicated to superheroes – including the recent one Justice League – But he has been impressing fans with his talent and charm for quite some time now.


credit: @henrycavill via Instagram – A selfie of Henry Cavill

When he achieved notoriety, many saw a certain resemblance to a more mature colleague who was equally attractive. matt boomer Of white collar, What do you think? Aren’t they really very similar?


credit: @distinguishedbadass via Instagram – photographed by Matt Boomer on set

Girls, we’re not done yet. Turn the page and read on to discover more stars who look incredibly alike!

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