all projects in the Dark Knight universe by Robert Pattinson are in development, including sequels and series!

On MAX, the Warner Bros. streaming service, the entire universe Matt Reeves consisting of films and series was officially renamed “epic crime saga“, a term the director has already used several times.

At the moment, in addition to continuing (and possibly the third chapter), the director Matt Reeves with his production company, he is developing three series:

  • TV series about Penguin From Colin Farrell, will be released next year on MAX. The series will be rated R and filming has been temporarily halted due to a writers’ strike.
  • Another series featuring a corrupt police officer from the police department Gothamwhich takes place in the first year of Batman.
  • Third series aboutArkham AsylumGotham’s famous crime asylum dedicated to the various villains of the Dark Knight, where you can tell the origin of the Joker Barry Keoghan.

In addition, according to old data, the director also launched spin-offs about various villains. Batmanbut with the announcement of the reboot James Gunn, there is no certainty that they will actually be developed. In this regard, the sites of the sector mention such characters as the Scarecrow or Professor Pyg. Details on these projects are still missing as Matt Reeves has only met with some of the directors and creatives to hear their ideas on the subject.

Finally, as the Blue Beetle director explained, the director also has plans for bane.

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