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In search of a general picture of the situation following the release of Black Mirror 6, we wanted to reflect on the path the series has faced.

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black Mirror this is one of those tv series forever changed our attitude towards a certain type of entertainment, Its impact on the general public was so great and strong that it directly entered in common language, as a term for the comparison or description of certain works that are reminiscent of the style of their earlier seasons. Such a legacy is certainly due to his style and ingenious choices since the first episode aired. produced by Charlton “Charlie” BrookerWe’re talking about an anthology collection that has always tried to reflect, even hypocritically and morbidly, the audience’s present and their relationship with technology, some stories, even That’s Extreme Stories, a very experimental form of science fiction that exploited children. Politics and Media.

This constant and brutal argument shaped some of the remaining stories. indelible for their unattainability in the minds of the general public quality In terms of writing and for perceptually and aesthetically perceptible rawness. Unfortunately, over time, this special creative touch slowly declining, almost until completely changing course. with the release of black mirror 6 so we decided to make a plan his season ranking grouping them released so far worst to best, The goal is to present a general picture on the path of a series that will always be compared to the excellence and brilliance that presented it to the general public.

Black Mirror – Season 5

The fifth season of released in 2019 black MirrorTo this day, it is considered by many fans to be one of much worse Sometimes. Composed of a total of three episodes, it failed to meet the huge expectations of the general public, offering a rather handful forgettable, albeit with some interesting ideas. Self striking wiper introduced tolatent homosexuality Two friends who have known each other forever, taking advantage of the context of online video games and augmented reality, pieces It focuses on social network addiction and its extreme consequences, in a story that is not very original.

ending, Rachel, Jack and Ashley too It reflects on the current music market and how it takes advantage of its talents puppets to actually extract talent later throw them away like empty corpses, participation was useless Miley Cyrus in a pseudo-autobiographical role to make the story remotely memorable.

black mirror season 5 received a generally poor response from both the general public and fans, The three episodes that make up this haven’t had the impact everyone was hoping for, providing a series “narrative piece” A far cry from the brilliance that characterized the first season. In its clumsy attempts at ideological reflection, this season has succeeded above all in angering many fans who have begun to pay attention to gradual sunset A collection that still has much to tell, with the right amount of commitment and originality.

Black Mirror – Season 6

The sixth season of Black Mirror certainly can’t be counted among the best releases (we talk about this in depth in our review of Black Mirror 6), even though it practical ability And some interesting inventions managed to raise it above the minimum fifth.

The most interesting episodes will surely remain: zone is awesomean evil portrait of our current e Indiscriminate use of streaming services and strong will “Stay tuned” Despite knowing that this is wrong (and which curiously is prompting many Netflix users to cancel their subscriptions); loch henryA noir-tinged thriller that has a special mix of structural classicism with a few twists criticism of success, even at the cost of human and personal suffering; And across the oceanThe story of two astronauts who, despite being isolated from everything, find themselves discussing the simplicities of life from afar, forced into their own eyes as ever.

In the latest collection currently available on Netflix we can see lack of ideas In some cases, and some try to go back to the origins of the product that made history. unfortunately some of the proposed stories fail to be as incisive as the past, which reflects on a a present that moves so fast that it is extremely difficult to imagine its future effects,

Black Mirror – Season 4

Black Mirror Season 4 Has Some Very Interesting Episodes Where To Explore The Common Experiment Incorporate as many elements as possibleEven if channeled by a general formula that is instantly recognizable to historical fans.

Of these, the most memorable are definitely the 3. Archangel shows the sick love of a mother location technologiesWhereas dj hang is a very direct, detailed and sinister reflection of fantasy love affair Between two people, their possible matches and the way in which specific algorithms in this sense can give certain results. Ultimately, black museum It is a series of hugely impactful stories within a story that furthers the hidden and invisible threads of the underlying story. Mental anguish, emotional anguish, perverse love and vengeance fuel this multidimensional episode.

black mirror 4 release distributed to the general public, who were certainly fascinated by his ideas, even sensing some radical changes compared to the past. The same thematic and stylistic diversity inherent in its content has come to the fore in reactions from fans, who, despite welcoming it positively, have found themselves conflicting between the individual stories offered. However, the mixed reactions haven’t stopped at this season Stimulating new discussions on technology/society relations,

Black Mirror – Season 2

Some episodes in the second season of Black Mirror include Most popular of the entire Anthology series, Although the levels are certainly very high, the effect is not as large as elsewhere.

The memorable stories this season definitely start from here come back to methe story focuses entirely on heartbreak and recent lossIn relation to the technological possibilities of an absolutist future that not only does not allow us to move forward, but which gradually erases the thin line between reality, memory, and distorted and toxic imagination. white Bear Instead it’s a story that blends both themes see everything through the screenthat the subject of justice is applied in absolutist context and studied in detail during christmas A special episode that talks about many things at once, reflecting on the relationship between humans and a brutal murder that deserves a very special justice.

This second collection of stories benefits from the success of the first and seeks to reaffirm it through a series of narrative choices that exceed the previous’s limits. it’s no coincidence that some of his episodes come is remembered for the brutality of his violenceEven though the narrative hinges on references, the focus is always on reflecting man and his morbid relationship with technology.

Black Mirror – Season 1

Black Mirror’s first season is something like Prestigious And peerlessAlthough it is easy to read innovator to even greater heights. his greatest ability is to work Approach Many people were attracted to the anthology collections and their way of narrating and criticizing.

In the first story with a total of 3 episodes, viewers can connect with stories like 15 million celebritiesan episode that reflects fleeting contemporary fame And at the socio-cultural level on which a certain kind of hollow entertainment is born. In a world where everything is based on success, finding love becomes a real form of rebellion. Whereas dangerous memories It is the story of a world where all humans live their lives with a chip implanted in their eyes that records everything. With real reality having no value, emotional and physical loneliness It becomes a series of continuous unconscious and semi-permanent separations.

first season of black mirror It is certainly very important from an ideological point of view, noting that she was a pioneer in raising moral questions that we’ll also explore in depth in some of the later stories, all supported by an original writing and masterfully produced production. His innovative approach to reflection on technology and its potential avenues for human interaction immediately captivated the public, who found the series refreshing and stimulating.

Black Mirror – Season 3

Black Mirror Season 3, consisting of 6 episodes, is definitely a dare more In terms of influence and narrative and ideological experimentation.

in this we get some stories The scariest, creepiest and most brooding of the entire collection As: free fallA reflection on success on social media in particular, offered in a world where your own true identity is derived from numbers on the web; extreme sportsFully focused on testing video games based on 360-degree virtual reality; universal hatred And san juniperoA tender love story with violently dark shades, in which two women must choose how to live the last beats of their earthly existence.

We are talking Season 1 Officially Produced by Netflix And so, inevitably, with an approach that is decidedly different from those released before. A continued commitment to presenting fresh reflections closer to reality has rewarded the writing of new episodes, characterized by complex storylines, engaging narratives and provocative themes. However, the focus on charting certain developments has distinguished itself from all else, generating characters and messages that have struck a chord with fans as true symbols of the committed and observant quality of the content it produces. have become what they want to deal with.

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