“All Sharon Stone”, total humiliation for the ladies

Sparks Man and woman in the latest episode of Canale 5. Here appeared Antonio, a man of about forty, originally from Calabria, looking for a relationship with Roberta Di Padua. The latter, however, denied the advances. Position that attracted attention Gianni Sperti, who thus asked the ladies of the program a specific question: “He seems like a handsome man, I don’t know what other women say. Even Christina? Hence the jab at competitors: “All these Sharon Stone types, I would like to know what you expect?” And again: “If such a handsome man is not good, wait until he comes down, I don’t know.Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt?”.

Manuela’s reaction was immediate, and she wanted to point out that her apparent lack of interest was due to shyness. So here it is Tina Cipollari and Gianni joked, asking for an opinion Gemma Galgani regarding what happened in the studio with Antonio. However, Gemma Galgani responded diplomatically and carefully, earning applause from the entire studio.

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Including from Maria De Filippi. But who is Antonio? The 42-year-old was born in Calabria and lives in Bologna, works for a multinational company, lives separately and has two children aged 18 and 19. His relationship with his wife lasted 28 years and now he is ready to find a new partner.

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