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One year after the physical disappearance of Diego Maradona, this Thursday the screens will be flooded with their goals, dribbles, anecdotes and other herbs. Fighting oblivion, his life and work will monopolize the media agenda, with all kinds of specials and documentaries that will have him as an exclusive figure in a day that will once again put into perspective the sports, social and cultural dimension of the world soccer star. As has happened since his death on November 25, 2021, but more than ever before the anniversary imposed by the calendar, Diego will combine in a continuous present of images, discussions, memories and emotions that will not be indifferent to any Argentine.

From the hand and creativity of Miguel Rep, this Thursday at 11 p.m. Public TV will premiere a special in tribute to Maradona. Based on drawings specially made for the cycle, Rep will dialogue with different figures from Argentine sports, culture and society. The sports journalist and soccer player Ayelén Pujol will participate in the program; the player and technical director of La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista Villa 31 Mónica Santino; the president of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo Stela of Carlotto; the writer and musician Alejandro Dolina; the journalist and writer Daniel Dátola; and the writer and screenwriter Pedro Saborido.

“Diego is full of images and words, which change depending on the trajectory of his life. In the world, Maradona is more popular than Jesus and the Beatles,” said the cartoonist. “Maradona’s attitudes hurt so much to the FIFA like the Vatican, like the politicians or the traditional family. an annoying bumblebee already irritated many. But beware, always depending on the media, “reflects Rep.

At the same time, Channel 9 will broadcast the last episode of Intimate Diego: sacred dream, the cycle that the signal produced especially for this anniversary and that it broadcast throughout the week. With Gonzalo bonadeo driving, it is a pleasant surprise of unpublished or rarely seen images, putting on screen numerous interviews that for a time Diego gave to Enrique Moltoni, the old man’s sports journalist New diary. An approach familiar and everyday to Maradona who lived between 1985 and 1994.

The platforms neither will they be exempt from the anniversary. On Amazon Prime Video the last episode of the first season of Maradona: blessed dream, the series that told the chiaroscuro of his life in a fictional key. In this chapter, on the one hand, Maradona will be seen preparing together with Guillermo Cóppola his tribute party, while resuming his friendship with Carlos Ferro Viera and distancing himself even more from Claudia Villafañe. On the other hand, the chapter will tell the Argentine national team’s journey through the Mexico World Cup ’86, where Maradona was definitively established as the best player of all time.

On DirecTV GO the reminder to Diego falls on Diego Maradona, the deep documentary of Asif kapadia (Senna, Amy). Based on the selection of more than 500 hours of unpublished audiovisual material of the footballer, interviews with Maradona and friends and specialists, the documentary basically portrays the intense triumphal stay in Naples. Diego Maradona can also be seen this Thursday at 11pm on OnDirecTV (201 and 1201) of the Pay TV system.

“As time goes by, I feel more and more privileged having spent time with him, I am happy to have had the opportunity to make the film that I hope will see more people as time goes by ”, reflected Kapadia, following the anniversary. “I hope that our film becomes the definitive version of Diego’s story. To understand the man, where he came from, what he did, what he went through, the ups and downs, through his own voice and actions, as well as the people who knew him best, and see Diego and Maradona up close. If you loved it or hated it, I hope our movie makes you understand a little better to a very special, complex, contradictory man and maybe you will feel some empathy once you understand his path. One thing is for sure, there will never be another like him ”, underlined the director of the documentaries on Ayrton Senna and Amy Winehouse.

A series of content can also be found on DirecTV GO on demand about the Argentine athlete, among which the special program The Movie: Maradona x Asif Kapadia and the cycle Threads, both led by the journalist Juan Pablo Varsky, in addition to other programs dedicated to soccer players such as Let’s go to the Caye – Diego Maradona and Special Episodes: Diego Maradona, Ranking and the documentary Maradona confidential.

For its part, HBO Max will commemorate the first year of the rest of everyone’s life without Maradona with two documentaries. From tomorrow it will be available to subscribers Diego, the last goodbye, a journalistic documentary that recounts the last year and a half in the life of the soccer star, in addition to telling events that were marked in history. Directed by Sebastián Alfie, with a script by Juan Pablo Young, Diego, the last goodbye reviews the journey of the renowned figure in the world of sports beyond football, narrated by people who in one way or another crossed paths in Diego’s life, with testimonies from colleagues, brothers, nephews, psychologists, his cook and friends. In turn, HBO Max also has the Kapadia documentary available.

A year after goodbye, Star + offers its subscribers Beyond Diego, a new documentary series produced by BTF Media, which reviews the life of Maradona and analyzes his significance as a world cultural phenomenon. Structured in three parts of 42 minutes, Beyond Diego builds his journey from archive images, unpublished audiovisual records and testimonies from family members, colleagues, coaches, friends and local and international journalists, among which an exclusive interview with Ronaldinho. The series was created and directed by the Chilean filmmaker Hernan Caffiero, International Emmy Award-winning director for A necessary story. In addition, the platform also has in its offer with Maradona confidential, a documentary of the seal National Geographic produced in Italy, which plunges into the history of the greatest footballer of all time.

Finally, from zero on Thursday until midnight the team of Rapporteurs will display a special live programming dedicated entirely to Diego Maradona. 24 hours on 10 is the proposal that can be followed through the application or the website, in which Víctor Hugo Morales, Alejandro Apo, Alejandro Dolina, Alejandro Wall, Andrés Burgo, Matías Canillán, Leandro Illia will participate in different segments , Sergio Arcapalo, Viviana Vila, Alejandro Fabbri, Ayelén Pujol and Mex Urtizberea. They will go through the special AM / PM dedicated to Diego the voices and memories of Miguel Rep, Andrés Ciro Martínez, Juanse, Claudio Paul Caniggia, Pedro Troglio, Fernando Signorini, Hugo Conte and Cucuza Castiello, among others.

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