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All statements by Meghan Markle and Harry to Oprah Winfrey

Devastating. This is how the correspondent for the BBC’s Royal House has described the interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they have given Oprah Winfrey, which has left us speechless and has put the British royal family in a difficult situation. We already knew some of the things they were going to talk about, but others have caught us by surprise and we are still trying to assimilate them.

We already know that the tale of princesses and princes of Meghan Markle and Harry at the beginning of their relationship has not ended up being as idyllic as it seemed at first, and now we know in greater depth what happened, what situations they lived, how it was and what it is like his relationship with the royal family; why have they decided to put their previous life aside and start a new life in the United States, etc.

1-Meghan: “I did not want to continue living”

It was probably Meghan Markle’s most shocking statement to Oprah. The actress spoke about her adaptation to the royal family and about the media pressure to which she was subjected, and said that she did not have any kind of support from her. Meghan told Oprah that being a royal in the UK is something almost impossible to “survive”, and he confessed that he had self-destructive thoughts: “I just didn’t want to live anymore … it was a constant, real and scary thought … I thought that would solve everything for everyone,” he explained. Also, that she felt “ashamed” to confess it to Harry and spoke of the support that she did receive from her husband in those moments, one of the most difficult that both experienced. For his part, he said that he had “no idea what to do”, that he himself ended up “in a very dark place” and that he did not “He had no one to turn to.”

It was precisely after this that they decided to withdraw from their duties in the Royal Family and leave the UK. Meghan Harry says “she saved us all. She made a decision that saved my life and saved us all.” The Duchess of Sussex made it clear that at that time she could not feel “more alone”, but clarified that she has now recovered her mental health and that she feels “life is worth living.”

meghan markle during interview with oprah winfrey


2-Archie’s skin color

Meghan Markle has also told that when she was pregnant with Archie in the British royal family they got to ask how dark your child’s skin could bewhat it would mean or what it would look like; and explained that Harry had this conversation with his family, and then he told her about it. If to reveal who or who were the authors of these words. Harry didn’t want to elaborate, said he was never going to talk about it. And at one point he explained: “Already when we were dating the issue of race was constant and I knew they were not going to change“.

In addition, before Archie’s birth there was also tension during Archie’s pregnancy when they were informed that he would not have the title of prince or princess (they did not know the sex yet), and that he would not count for sure either. Meghan confessed she was affected by the idea that her son “was not going to be safe, and why the first colored member of this family would not be given a title in the same way that other grandchildren would be given.”

meghan markle and harry with archie


3-Meghan and Kate … and the Queen

Much has been said about the relationship between the Duchess of Sussex and that of Cambridge. In its day it was published that Meghan had made Kate Middleton cry because they did not agree with the dresses of the royal pages at her wedding with Harry. “It was the other way around. The narrative that I made Kate cry was the beginning of my ‘character’ murder. (before British society). And he said that despite the fact that the Royal House knew that the information published by the press “was a lie” they never denied it or said anything despite the fact that they did deny the rumors that affected any other member: “I was unprotected.” And he speaks to the English press to say that “They want a narrative in which there is a heroine and a villain“And he explained that in the end Kate sent him flowers and a note in the form of apology.

meghan markle and kate middleton

Pool / Samir Hussein

Meghan also spoke of Queen Elizabeth, to say that she has always behaved in a wonderful way with her, and described her as “easy and adorable.” Harry added that his grandmother “is very good” and noted that “we talk a lot more often than not, about her situation she used to say that “She understands it.”

prince harry and meghan markle during interview with oprah winfrey


4-Secret wedding

Another of the big surprises of the interview came when Meghan and Harry told that they were secretly married three days before their official wedding date, on May 19, 2018.

5-They expect a girl

Yes, it will be a girl. It was another of the announcements that the Duchess of Sussex left with Oprah, because until last night we did not know the sex of the baby they are expecting, their second child, who will be born in summer. What they have not given us is his name.

As children, they have confirmed that with two children they have enough. They do not plan to have any more children. “Two is enough”, What more could you ask for? Now we have our family and there are four of us, “says Harry.

meghan markle during interview with oprah winfrey


6-Harry and his father

Harry’s statements have also been surprising when talking about his father, Prince Charles, of whom he said that for a time they stopped having contact because he did not respond to their calls, he confessed that he still feels “very disappointed“with him … because”Has been through something similar, knows what pain is… And Archie is his grandson “although he says that now they have spoken again. But to everything he affirms that” I will always love him, but he has done a lot of damage and I will continue to have as one of my priorities trying to heal that relationship “.

Regarding his relationship with Guillermo, Harry rebuked that their relationship is now at the moment of giving themselves space, and pointed out that although he loves him a lot, they are currently on “different paths.”

7- The Megxit

This is how Meghan and Harry’s decision to leave their responsibilities to the royal family was baptized a year ago, with a play on words that also put her on the target as responsible and instigator of everything. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have told Oprah that it was never their intention to disengage and that if they had received the help they asked for, they would not have made the decision to leave.

In the case of Harry, Lady Di’s youngest son, however, he confessed that he would not have taken that step without Meghan: “I was trapped. Meghan made me see reality. I was stuck in the royal family system. My father and brother are trapped and they will not be able to get out. ”

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