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It is about Lofreddo, a 33-year-old French citizen who dreams of becoming an alien.
The subject turned his life into an extravagant transformation process and already has hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

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The Black Alien Project. This has been the mutation of Anthony Loffredo in alien

The youtuber Nil Ojeda, interviews Anthony Loffredo, the 33-year-old Frenchman who has spent years transforming and amputating his face to become the famous “black alien”.

“My name is Antonio. I am 33 years old. Now I live in France and before he lived in Spain (Barcelona and Gran Canaria)”, Anthony Loffredo introduced himself to Nil Ojeda.

What has Anthony Loffredo done to become the black alien?

To become an alien Anthony Loffredo, who has only transformed 23% of what he would like according to his ‘The Black Alien Project’, has removed his nose, removed his ears, split his tongue, has tattooed the black eyeballs and reptilian implants in his face.

Why did Anthony Loffredo start his transformation into an alien?

“Since I was little the universe called me a lot. I started my project when I was 26 years old. The first thing was tattoos, and my first modification was the bifurcation of the tongue when I was 27 years old,” explained the “black alien”.

When will Anthony Loffredo change his mutation into an alien?

“It is a project for life. The percentage of change is going to change … until death”, recognizes Anthony Loffredo, who so far has only carried out 23% of the transformation he has in mind.

“I have an ideal figure in mind in my head. It’s no secret. Total dehumanization.”

“I have in mind an ideal figure in my head. It is not secret. It is a non-human form. Total dehumanization,” the “black alien” pointed out to Nil Ojeda during his interview in Montpellier (France).

“I have not regretted anything that I have done to myself”

“In Barcelona I have felt very discriminated against. And people get scared on the street … But it does not affect me. I have not regretted anything that I have done to myself”, admits Anthony Loffredo.

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