All the Details of Jeffree Star’s Accident

Jeffree Star.

This week YouTube star and makeup guru  Jeffree Star was in a severe car accident that left him hospitalized. The businessman was also accompanied by a friend and both suffered serious injuries, but fortunately, they are now in recovery.

It happened this Friday, the famous 35-year-old makeup artist -who has declared on more than one occasion on his Instagram account that he does not care what pronoun they refer to his person- and his friend Daniel was heading to Wyoming in his car when the vehicle skidded on the road ice and they ended up overturning three times.

The information was released through his social networks when it was learned that his condition was stable.

With a photograph that has now been deleted, Jeffree explained what had happened and shared with his followers the hard time they were going through. In the snapshot, the YouTuber was seen with a collar next to Daniel.

“We will keep you posted on updates from the doctor. We are grateful to be alive, ”the star wrote.

According to reports from  People, the crash occurred at approximately 8:30 am local time, Jeffree, who was driving the vehicle, lost control when skidding with black ice which is extremely dangerous on the roads as it is a thin layer of transparent ice that is not visible at first glance.


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Through his Instagram stories, Jeffree shared with his more than 13.6 million followers that it was practically a miracle that they were alive, he also reported that he had fractured his back and had multiple injuries to his spine, while his co-pilot had suffered bleeding. internal because he has just won a tough battle against cancer from which he had not fully recovered.

Fortunately, both are stable and will be discharged soon.

A few months ago the controversial makeup artist was in the eye of the hurricane after he was romantically related to Kanye West. According to information that went viral through TikTok, Jeffree had been the culprit in the divorce of Kim and the rapper. Shortly after it was learned that this rumor was false and even the Youtuber himself made fun of the matter and through his social networks he followed the game for a few days.


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