All the series and movies video games that will be coming in the next few months


If you can not with the enemy, join him. That must have thought the film industry when he saw that the revenue of the video games exceed box office. For a time, the seventh art he wants to bring to the big screen the stories of video games, regardless of the gender. Recently classic games like Rampage or Sonic The Hedgehog have become a movie the less entertaining. But still flies over the ghost of other productions such as Super Mario Bros. that it did no justice to the video game. Certainly there has been more failures than successes, but want to change this trend with movies much more ambitious as Uncharted.

On the other hand, the series is a format unknown to the contemporary video games are up to that Netflix has taken the initiative. Already saw the first seasons of Castlevania with a style that is lively and Geralt of Rivia, he also won the audience on this platform. Now all the fans of The Witcher are waiting for the second season, which will be delayed due to the crisis of the coronavirus. There are still many projects in development that are based on video games of great success, and the latest advertise was a series of The Last of Us, which prepares HBO. We tell you everything that you will see in the next few months.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter

The calendar of the Monster Hunter still has not been modified and will premiere the 3 of September of this same year. We’ve already seen its official trailer and promotional posters, where Milla Jovovich is back with a very different style the Resident Evil series. It is the only film on this list that has completed its shoot under the direction of Paul W. S. Anderson, with whom he has already worked with the actress on other occasions. The rest of the cast is complete with Diego Boneta, Ron Perlman, Tony Jaa, Josh Helman, or TI Harris.

Tomb Raider 2

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

The sequel of the movie starring Alicia Vikander has a release date: march 19, 2021. Tomb Raider is one of the best films based on video games that has been made and is far from the explosive, Angelina Jolie. This delivery change of director and screenwriter, that will be Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump (Kill List), respectively. And of course, repeats Vikander to incarnate again to a Lara Croft more down to earth.


young nathan drake uncharted 3

Some already labeled as a the movie damn because it has had many problems to start their production. And it has also not escaped the crisis of the coronavirus, which has delayed its release date October 8, 2021. The script has had several revisions, and even has been remade completely. In the beginning it was going to be starring Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake, accompanied by other great actors such as Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. In the director’s chair have already been a few candidates to fall into the hands of Ruben Fleischer (Venom). The filming was going to begin shortly in Berlin with Tom Holland (Spider-Man) as a young Nathan Drake that revealed that Wahlberg would be in the cast as Sully. The latest to join the film was the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.


Lilith in Borderlands 3

This same year news came in. The shooter confirmed adaptation live-action and they are already working on the screenplay of the film directed by Eli Roth. Still very little is known about this production, but the award-winning actress Cate Blanchett would be in talks to play the charismatic Lilith.

The Last of Us (HBO series)

the last of us end

Naughty Dog are in luck because The Last of Us Part II is already Gold and the story of Ellie and Joel will become a series, supervised by the own Neil Druckman. Years ago the idea was to make a filmbut Druckman finally discarded this possibility. At that moment rang names by means such as Sam Raimi, but now is born a new project that will be broadcast on HBO. May would be the month to start production, but the delay of the sequel forces them to postpone it once more. The relationship between the two characters has been the deciding factor for choosing this format for your adaptation for that there are still no actors.

Minecraft: The Movie

minecraft could be the jjuego most sold of all

The success of Mojang also points to port your world to the big screen. Produced by Warner Bros., this movie will be released the 4 of march of 2022, but in spite of the distance has a synopsis official about your argument. “After the malevolent Enderdragón undertake a path of destruction, a young teenager and his group of adventurers must save your beautiful and full of blocks Real-World”says the description. Mojang has clarified that it will be a different experience to the game, but the universe of Minecraft will be very present in all the time.



It was announced years ago, but has been slow to return to the front line. The film will be produced by the creators of Beauty and The Beast and will be based on the games of Ubisoft and the animated series Rabbids Invasion. A few months ago, Lionsgate reached a settlement with the French company to start this production live-action that will have a similar style to Sonic. But for the moment, everything else is up in the air.

Five Nights at Freddy’s


Based on the video game horror, this film changed hands as many other projects. From 2018, Chris Columbus, known for films such as Home Alone or Harry Potter is responsible for the adaptation. Since then nothing is known, but the creator of the game has said on occasion that got rid of the first script because you have a different idea on the head. “I assume the responsibility for this delay”, he said.

Other movies of video games forgotten (or not) in a drawer

These are just movies closest, but there are many projects that have fallen by the way or are still in the beginning of its development. Many years ago there was news about a movie based on Devil May Cry which has not become to know nothing, a crazy argument of The Sims and even a potential adaptation of the game Portal, directed by JJ Abrams. More feasible are the work of Ubisoft’s The Division (for Netflix), Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, which will have the actor Tom Hardy as Sam Fischer, according to the latest information.

In recent months we have returned to have news of the development of the movie based on Metal Gear Solid, whose director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has confirmed the new script and the actor Oscar Isaac has several times expressed its interest to become a Snake. On the other hand, the creator of God of War for PS4 Cory Barlog has recently suggested his interest in making a film or series of the video game. What video game should have its own movie?