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All the times Angelina Jolie inspired our looks to go back to the office in September

Angelina Jolie has repeatedly been our benchmark for style and we’re not just hinting at its red carpets. Their looks daily are perfect options to resume the routine in September and show off class and tan with outfits reminiscent of the spring but they are at the same time the perfect transition to the fall. We show you five images that reflect some of the times Angelina Jolie has been our inspiration to create looks from office.

Angelina Jolie with palazzo pants

Angelina Jolie with pants

Angelina Jolie with palazzo pants.Gtresonline

Spring 2019 pants palazzo were a trend but the Covid He made us relegate them to oblivion without prejudice that they return when we feel like it. Now there is an unwritten rule that dictates that all cuts are valid although the cigarette is not as current trend. Instead the palazzo become a good option (especially if they are made of linen) to go to the office cool without giving up the sophistication and the elegance that we would abandon to a greater extent if we opted for, for example, short pants.

Angelina Jolie with midi skirt

Angelina Jolie with a midi skirt.

Angelina Jolie with a midi skirt.Gtresonline

Midi skirts are still in fashion, however it is not common to see them with a cut evas like this one that wears Angelina Jolie in the image we show you. They would seem more valid options for a special event such as wedding, communion or baptism. However, it seems that the key lies in choosing a more informal and more important fabric and color! in combining the skirt with a white basic t-shirt.

The actress in a flowing suit jacket

Angelina Jolie in a white suit jacket.

Angelina Jolie in a white suit jacket.Gtresonline

Jacket suits are a set infallible to go to office And although thinking about them for September can give us some hives, the hot flash goes away when we see how light the hot flash is. Angelina Jolie. In addition, the fact that it is fluid also endows it with a fall and a movement that not only favors us but also charges our outfit in its set of style.

With a neutral set

Angelina Jolie with a set in neutral tones.

Angelina Jolie with a set in neutral tones.Gtresonline

Angelina Jolie know why colors choose to always get it right. White, beige, gray, brown and black are its star tones. However, in this case we did not want to choose any outfit of which the last one is the protagonist because we have preferred to collect only the freshest so that this gallery can serve us in September of inspiration. If it gets cool, as you can see in this photo, a sweater oversize with a midi skirt can be a good option.

With a pleated pants

Angelina Jolie with an office look.

Angelina Jolie with an office look.Gtresonline

We finish with a basic garment that is also not missing in the actress’s wardrobe: the pleated trousers. However, in order to make your set a more current bet and give the look For a more casual air, the interpreter wanted to combine it with a gray crew neck sweater with three-quarter sleeves and low heels. This alternative is great to wear at the end of September when the fall the head is already sticking out.

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