All the TV series not to be missed in March 2023

March is a candidate to become the month of western tv series: it starts with the long-awaited sequel The yellowstone 5 (maybe the last with Kevin Costner protagonist) to continue with The English, series all guns and revenge but in girl power format. Among the goodies, we also point out the highly anticipated sequel The Yellowjacketsas well as homegrown returns of Rocco Schiavone And One step from heaven. As for absolute novelties, English comedies promise surprises Conversations with friends (yes, the one from the Normal People team and inspired by the novel by Sally Rooney) And The Flatshare. You can find the rest, in detail, below.

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Yellowstone 5, from March 1 on Sky

For now they are just rumors, but it’s time to report them: according to insiders this could be the last season of Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. The actor – who owes his artistic resurrection to this series, let’s face it – would also like to open up to other projects so much that he has reduced his participation in the second part of this new season. Among other things, in a western it’s very easy to get a character out of the scene: just point a gun at his head… The hope is that it doesn’t end up like this but, unfortunately, it doesn’t depend on us. Ergo, it is better to enjoy the new episodes arriving on Sky from 1 March because they could be the last with the star of Dance with wolves. As for the story, the Dutton family is grappling with health problems and even more intrigue as John becomes governor of Montana. A role he said he hated…

The Mandalorian 3, from March 1 on Disney +

May the Force be with you…. also because all these tv series set in the universe of Star Wars they’re starting to be a little too many. The Mandalorian stays but one of the best, so save this date: March 1st. On Disney+ the episodes of the third season arrive and there are at least two good news. As the trailer reveals, Din (Pedro Pascal) reunites with Grogu (olè). In addition, the story will also speak Italian: in the role of the bad guy there will be Giancarlo Esposito. He plays the villain Moff Gideon.

Framed 2, from March 2 on Netflix

in their own way, Ficarra and Picone they were prophetic. In Stuck 2, available from March 2 on Netflix, the famous duo had fun joking about the capture of the super fugitive Holy Father. Of course they certainly could not think of Matthew Messina Money, as the Cosa Nostra super boss was captured many months after filming wrapped. However, precisely, they were prophetic. The vision of the series therefore offers an extra laugh because, in this round, we have really done it to the mafia. As for the rest, we do not make spoilers except one: in Get stuck there will be a new TV series to haunt Ficarra. The prequel The look of the killer. The crime is served, the laughter as well.

The English, March 8 on Paramount +

This is definitely western series month. Beyond Yellowstone 5 on Sky (see above), it also arrives The English on the platform Paramount+. In short, it is a female version of the universe of gunslingers: the story is set in 1890 and the protagonist is Lady Cornelia Loke, an English aristocrat in search of revenge. She plays it spot on Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins) who gives up their English comforts to fly to the Far West and hunt down the murder of his son. More girl power than that… A former Pawnee cavalry scout will take care of mentoring her (Chaske Spencer).

Conversations with friends, from 10 March on RaiPlay

Immediately renamed as the heir of Normal people (thanks a lot, the team is the same…), Conversations with friends debuted on the BBC in 2022. It’s only coming to us now – we’re at the usual time – and the platform is proposing it RaiPlay, from 10 March. At the center, the love triangle between young Frances, her ex Bobbi and Nick, who would technically be married to another woman, namely Melissa. It goes without saying that the relationship, betrayals and passion are highly fluid. The story is inspired by the novel of the same name by Sally Rooneydubbed the Salinger of the Snapchat generation.

The flatshare, March 17 on Paramount +

Or even “A bed for two”: this is the Italian title chosen for The Flatsharethe new 100% British TV series by Paramount+. The narrative premise is interesting: there are these two twenty-somethings, Tiffany and Leon, who simply don’t share a house. They even sleep in the same bed, only in inverted phases: she at night and he during the day, since she works nights in a hospice. The two never meet and communicate via post-it notes until the day when the notes fly in the air and the boys begin to meet and clash. Obviously love is in the air… In the cast, the two protagonists stand out Jessica Brown Findlayalready seen in The Hanging SunAnd Anthony WelshFamous for Pure, Master of None And The Great. However, it will not go unnoticed Jonah Hauer-Kingi.e. Prince Eric in the live action film the little Mermaid and here as Tiffany’s best friend.

Yellowjackets 2, March 24 on Paramount+

The sequel was a must. And not just because after 7 Emmy nominations no sane man would scrap Yellowjackets. We had to go on also – and above all – because the ending had been decidedly open. Retracing it briefly (watch out for spoilers, if you haven’t finished watching the first season): Jessica was poisoned, Adam is dead, Natalie is kidnapped and Taissa wins the election. You understand well that they couldn’t leave us like this. So, here we are: at the same time as the American release, the new episodes of the series arrive on the platform on March 24th Paramount+. The plot is strictly confidential but you already know that there is one of the new entries Elijah Wood (LThe Lord of the Rings trilogy) makes us hope very well. Confirmed the main cast, including Christina Ricci.

Rocco Schiavone 5, from 29 March on Rai Due

Yes, Rai Due. Rocco Schiavone in the end doesn’t move to Rai Uno and, for what it’s worth, he’s doing just fine. We will therefore find him on the second public channel from March 29 and, for him, life will be even tougher. In fact, according to the advances released, ours will be even more alone: ​​Gabriele and Cecilia move to Milan, Sebastiano has disappeared into thin air and the flirtation with Sandra does not mesh. As if that weren’t enough, Schiavone (Marco Giallini, in the photo) begins to lose speed, for the first time, even at work. Which won’t be the best since Baiocchi is back… Also in the cast Valeria Solarino, Francesco Acquaroli and Lorenza Indovina.

Un passo dal cielo 7, from 30 March on Rai Uno

By now, wherever you turn, someone gives up a successful fiction. After Terence Hill with Don Matteo and Elena Sofia Ricci in God help usthis time it is Daniel Liotti to leave a cult that is One step from heaven. In season seven, they will be Giusy Buscemi (photo) ed Enrico Ianniello to hold the scene.

Electric girls, from March 31 on Prime Video

If you are looking for an original teen drama, give it a try Electric girls. The title promises very well because a) it is inspired by the homonymous novel by the British writer Naomi Alderman published in Italy by Nottetempo b) the production is by SISTER, the same as that little gem called Chernobyl (obviously we praise the series, not the apocalyptic disaster) c) the showrunner is Raelle Tucker who has a cult of the caliber of True Blood. But let’s get to the story. The plot is dystopian: we imagine a world where society is matriarchal and girls have a singular power. And you will think: flywheel? Are they super strong? Or invisible? None of this: “simply” girls electrocute anyone who tries to harass them. The situation will quickly get out of hand: at least according to the novel, power will go to the heads of women who will certainly prove to be no less violent than their male predecessors… As for the TV series, you have to see it from March 31 on Prime Videos.

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