Alla Kostromicheva, host and judge of the show Super Top Model in Ukrainian, spoke about sexuality

Alla Kostromicheva (Photo: alla / instagram)

A world-famous model, host and judge of the Super Top Model show in Ukrainian shared her thoughts on sexuality.

During the filming of the project, Alla Kostromicheva said that she was sexy and gave some advice.

“It seems to me that sexuality is a union of opposites,” says Kostromicheva. – When there is confidence, and a little aggressiveness, and inner strength, and at the same time – a sense of humility and humility. I think men are intimidated by women who are too self-confident. For example, I like to be an ambitious careerist at work, but at the same time, next to my man, I understand that he is more successful, strong and independent than me. I like to feel weak next to him and, probably, this was one of the criteria when choosing a husband. “

In addition, the model believes that sexuality is manifested in wisdom, calmness, kindness and relaxation, because few people will like a constantly correcting and fussy girl.


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“Sonia Plakidyuk and I have a joke about unshaven legs. Men don’t really care if you shave your legs or not, they don’t even notice. We very often get hung up on some things that we think matter, but in fact, do not. And now, sexuality is also in a slight indifference. “

Alla Kostromicheva advises girls who want to be sexier to work on smoothness, inner peace, and harmony with their bodies.

“Sexuality is when there is an inner energetic subtext in every movement. I am also attracted to self-sufficient people. When your partner is not seeking compensation in you for what is lacking in himself. When communicating with people who do not need anything from you, both your energy and theirs are enhanced. They don’t absorb you, and that’s cool, ”the model shared.