Allergic reaction to mosquito bites

along with summer The arrival of high temperatures, coupled with areas where people cool down, such as springs, rivers or lakes, increases Diffusion mosquito.This means that there are more bites than insect In summer, although this is not usually the most common, it may cause allergy.

this mosquito They “sting” when they use part of their mouth to pierce a person’s skin to suck blood.When it does this, it injects saliva into the skin, which contains certain substances, such as proteins, that produce local inflammation.The body’s response to insect saliva is called prick.

Therefore, a inflammation This usually presents a severe itching, which is the most common immediate response. The reaction can be large or small, inflammatory process The area is more pronounced and edematous.This condition may evolve into more complex reactions such as Infect in the area.

In this way, symptoms can be localized, can be classified as immediate or late, or can produce systemic reaction, classified as mild or severe. However, the latter is usually rare. “this systemic reactionWhether mild or severe, they are exceptions,” he commented to ConSaluddoctor david barqueroallergist and member spanish society of allergology and clinical immunology (SEAIC).

David Baquero: “A systemic reaction, whether mild or severe, is abnormal”

about local reactionwhich are characterized by inflammationhe redness or hot In the area prick. These symptoms may come on later, hours after symptoms begin. prick.Additionally, in some cases local reaction May damage upper joints prickas the doctor explained cowboy. “My fingers are so itchy I can even edema or swelling of the entire arm on the same side prick’, added the expert, who clarified that these are more complex delayed responses that can evolve into Infect and need treatment antibiotic.

on the other hand, bite can produce systemic reactionAlthough these are usually exceptions.These are characterized by organ involvement, producing wheal Body up and down, shortness of breath, lose consciousness,dizziness, affectation Cardiovascular System anyone edema lips or tongue etc. If more than one organ is involved, we call it an allergic reaction.However, this situation is rare and usually mosquito bites They are usually not life-threatening to the patient. “exist Spain There have been very few cases of systemic reactions, I think only two of them have been described”, clarified the expert.

Another type of response with bite These insect is called Skeeter syndromewhich describes those who, after receiving treatment mosquito bitesexhibit local reaction Big ones are also accompanied by fever.It usually affects healthy children and may resemble infection process.difference with infection process The syndrome is characterized by rapid onset of reaction prick,and Infect It is more continuous in time.

Risk Factors and Treatments

probability of suffering allergic reaction It may be increased due to a range of risk factors, such as a family history of allergies, a personal history of previous reactions, or the patient’s own conditions, such as Immunodeficiency. “when immune system No ability, whether acquired or primary, against the inoculation of the saliva of an infected person mosquito they end up producing Infect The patient’s situation is a little more complicated,” the doctor said. cowboy.

In addition, infection Epstein-Barr viruswhich causes infectious mononucleosis, may also increase the risk of developing the disease severe widespread local reaction arrive mosquito bites.

if you are experiencing allergic reaction, you can take antihistamines to relieve itching. In addition, topical corticosteroids may be applied to the allergic area under the prescription of an allergist. prickwhich will help contain the inflammatory process.if point reaction has spawned a Infectdoctor can prescribe antibiotic.about systemic reactiontreatment can be antihistamines Or, in severe cases, epinephrine.

David Baquero: “When the immune system is overwhelmed, it can’t fight off the mosquito saliva inoculation and you end up with a slightly more complicated infection in the patient”

In this sense, if the bite has damaged the body, an emergency doctor should be consulted. Cardiovascular System anyone respiratory system.which will show severe allergic reaction This will require rapid transfer of the patient to the emergency room.

Nonetheless, according to Dr. SEAICThe best treatment is avoid.For this, the local population must be reduced mosquitoby eliminating the region Still waterpesticides or mosquito trap. At the same time, on a personal level, people can protect themselves with proper clothing and clothing. chemical repellent Apply to skin and clothing.In addition, it is recommended to use mosquito net.

Now to know if a person allergic bite mosquitoyou can do a skin test Quickly indicate if a patient is highly sensitive to these conditions to avoid risk or be forewarned.

this mosquito bites Common doesn’t usually cause serious problems, but there is one invasive species Spain Which is more worrisome and usually produces widespread local reactions. This is the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), from Southeast Asia, appeared in China in 2004. mosquito it is insect large in size, its prick It goes through clothes easily and only tingles during the day.In turn, there are other types insectthis Hymenoptera (wasps, bees and ants), more likely to produce allergic reactioncausing more problems than common mosquito.

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