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Since Jane Birkin’s death, our Pinterest boards have been filled with photos of the couple, her and Serge holding Davidoff and each pursed their lips, a testament to a time when no one thought them weird or rude. used to believe to smoke In front of your partner during a romantic dinner. After all, lung toxicity has been quiet for decades in the wake of celebs leading unhealthy lives, for whom nicotine was the healthiest substance, (ChloeAnd Sevigny, Alexa Chung, The Olsen Sisters, Carrie Bradshaw sex and the CityBridget Jones, Rachel Off Friend and so on). And if anyone repented today – “give me my vape” Lana Del Rey sings on her new album — photos of Kate Moss coming out of the water in a bright green dress and her trusty cigarette between her fingers are still viral. Despite fitness gurus, scientific research, new laws at common places, (rightly) scaring us about the consequences of smoking on our health, here we are still standing outside clubs, looking for lighters. It was investigated in 2022 the new York Times To raise questions: the pandemic has resurfaced smoking problem in new generation, From that moment on, smoking was allowed again on the small and big screen, in cinemas, on streaming platforms.

The Guardian noted howEntertainment industry New generations have adapted rapidly to curriculum changes. However Gen Z, unlike their predecessors, grew up with the clear knowledge that smokers are 15 to 30 times more likely to get lung cancer and images of influencers looking stunning while sipping tea matcha and kombucha drinks. are bombed, in 2020 cigarette sales have increased for the first time in 20 years. Because, post-pandemic, decadence and fatalistic behavior have entered the collective consciousness and have never gone away. What in recent years was seen as a despicable evil punishable by impeachment at dinner parties is now, again, very good. Sculpture This is the latest proof of this. In the controversial new series created by Sam Levinson, cigarettes become a co-protagonist of sorts, so much so that in the first five minutes, the character of lily-rose deppJocelyn, wearing a red satin dressing gown, painted nails and sunglasses, smokes three cigarettes in a sensuous and quirky satire of some of the troubled divas of the 60s. The return of cigarettes to the screen has been a gradual one: Nayak Wednesday Jenna Ortega and star of chess queen Anya Taylor-JoyIcon of Generation Z, often paparazzi while smoking on the streets of LA, while between streaming services, it is Netflix Mainly responsible for the reversal of the trend.

Despite promises to reduce on-screen tobacco use after raining criticism stranger things, queen’s gamble Umbrella Academy Each episode involves extensive tobacco use. Last year we saw Natasha Lyonne Russian doll showing off his vice in his 70s suit and in and just like that Carrie Bradshaw may have lost Mr. Big, but she certainly hasn’t lost her passion for smoking weed. Of the 39 Academy Award nominations this year, 28 featured some form of smoking on screen., while adolescents are two to three times more likely to start smoking themselves when exposed to “glamorization” The dangers of on-screen smoke have been well documented, but suddenly, no one seems to care. After all, it’s also true that at this rate, Gen Z is more likely to die from a disaster caused by climate change than from smog. We can also indulge in some evils in the time we have left.

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