Almanac June 8 is World Oceans Day

L’June 8 It is the 159th day of the Gregorian calendar and there are 206 days left until the end of the year: World Oceans Day and Saint Metardo Bishop are celebrated.

Here is the calendar of the day with birthdays, anniversaries and anniversaries to remember.

what is celebrated on june 8

Celebrated every 8th June world ocean dayA day dedicated to raising awareness on biodiversity and the conservation of this vast natural heritage of the Earth. In the 2023 edition, the title chosen by the United Nations is: “Planet Ocean: The Tides Are Turning“, a reference to the damage of climate change on water. The goal is – not only on World Oceans Day, but throughout the year – to be “Oceans First”.

saints of the day st medardA very popular saint in France and considered the protector of people with dental diseases.

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Anniversaries

they are different Birth June 8, who celebrate their birthday on this day under the sign of Gemini. Among them: Timothy John Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web; Mark Ouellet, Canadian Cardinal; Stefano Patuanelli, Italian politician; Kanye West, American rapper and record producer;

birth anniversaries

  • Luigi Comenini, Italian director;
  • Robert Alexander Schumann, German composer;
  • Marguerite Yoursener (pseudonym Marguerite Antoinette Jeanne Marie Ghislaine Kleinwerk de Craincourt), French writer.

death anniversaries

  • Andrew Jackson, the seventh US President;
  • Corrado Mantoni, Italian TV host;
  • Mohammed, the prophet of Islam;
  • Arnoldo Mondadori, Italian publisher;
  • George Sand, French writer.

Also, was born on 8 June 1987 blue phoneAn organization to promote the rights of children and protect them from abuse and violence.

This happened today, June 8

452 – Attila invaded Italy.

1638 – Devastating earthquake in Calabria, grade X on the Mercalli scale.

1959 – The first and only Rocket Mail shipment.

1968 – James Earl Ray is arrested for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

1984 – “Ghostbusters” releases in theaters June 8

1985 – Claudio Baglioni’s book “Life is Now” has been released. It is the best selling album of all time in Italy.

2011 – Full switch – for 24 hours – from Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Akamai Technologies to IPv6.

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