Almanac March 9: saint, anniversaries, recurrences

The March 9th it is the 68th day of the Gregorian calendar and there are 297 days left until the end of the year: here is the almanac of the day with saints, birthdays, anniversaries and anniversaries to remember.

What is celebrated on March 9

The Catholic Church celebrates this day Saint Frances of Rome (ie Francesca Bussa de’ Leoni), a devoted wife and mother who – after her husband’s death – devoted herself entirely to the faith, following the rule of Saint Benedict. Her faithful consider her a protector of the city of Rome and of motorists. The anniversaries of the birth and death respectively of Saints Luigi Gonzaga and Domenico Savio also occur.

Plus, March 9 is the World Kidney Day: for this reason, many hospitals will organize meetings, information events and free screenings.

Birthdays, anniversaries and anniversaries

They are different i born of March 9, who celebrate their birthday on this day. Among them: Juliette Binoche, French actress; Emma Bonino, Italian politician; Andrea Damante, Italian television personality; Francesca Romana Rivelli, Italian actress better known as Ornella Muti; Francesca Parisella, journalist and TV and radio presenter; Matteo Salvini, Italian politician leader of the “Lega” and currently Minister of Infrastructure.

In addition, there is a special “birthday” to remember: that of Barbie. In fact, on March 9, 1959, the first blonde doll came out whose original name was Barbara Stefania Roberts. Since then Barbie has been seen in all genres and represents women who do every type of job (from mothers to astronauts), of any social background, race and orientation.

What’s more, 9 March is also a holiday for football lovers (or at least a part of them): it is the foundation anniversary of theInter (1908).

Birth anniversaries

Howard H. Aiken, American mathematician and computer scientist;

Robert James Fischer, known as Bobby, chess champion;

Yuri Alekseevič Gagarin, Russian astronaut known as Yuri Gagarin;

Benito Jacovitti, Italian cartoonist;

Robert Gerard Sands, Irish political activist;

Vjaceslav Michajlovic Molotov, Russian politician;

Jef Raskin, American computer scientist known as the inventor of the Macintosh;

Amerigo Vespucci, Italian navigator and explorer;

Umberto Saba, famous Italian writer and poet.

Death anniversaries

Charles Bukowski, poet and writer;

Joseph Paul DiMaggio, American baseball champion better known as Joe DiMaggio;

Robert Mapplethorpe, American photographer.

It happened today, March 9th

1161 – Count Tancredi of Lecce and Prince Simone of Taranto storm the Royal Palace of Palermo, imprisoning King William I of Sicily and his family.

1500 – Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral begins his journey to the Indies. He will arrive in Brazil.

1796 – Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine of Beauharnais just two days before starting his Italian campaign.

1831 – At the behest of King Louis-Philippe, the French Foreign Legion was created to support the war in Algeria.

1842 – Premiere of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Nabucco” at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

1896 – Prime Minister Francesco Crispi, after the defeat in Adua, resigns from the presidency of the Council.

1931 – Ernst Ruska, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986, experiments with the first electron microscope.

[1945– During World War II, the United States causes the deaths of about 100,000 people by dropping bombs on Tokyo.

1953 – Stalin’s funeral is held in Moscow on March 9.

1955 – First presentation of the Fiat 600 in Geneva.

1975 – Construction of the Alaska Pipeline begins.

1979 – On 9 March the mafia kills Michele Reina, provincial secretary of Palermo of the Christian Democrats.

1992 – Begin, Israeli prime minister and one of the signatories of the Camp David Accords, dies in Tel Aviv.

2015 – Barack Obama declares Venezuela “a national emergency” and applies sanctions against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

2020 – In Italy it begins on lockdown to counter Covid, the country officially enters the most difficult phase of the health emergency.

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