Almost 350-thousand jobs have been lost in the era of the Covid-19 in Mexico


Following the health emergency of the Covid-19the federal government reported that, between 13 march and 6 April, have been lost 346 thousand 878 jobsout of a total of 22 million formal positions.

Most of these layoffs have been taken in the sector of the large companiesas the micro and small enterprises they are resisting the crisis of this pandemic.

The Secretary of Labor, Luisa Marie Mayor, he explained that it will follow up to you are companies that are paying low to their employees and appealed to the humanism in a time of crisis.

The states with the most layoffs

He explained that Quintana Roo, Mexico city, New Lion, Edomex, Jalisco and Tamaulipas are the states to where you are terminating the employee.

It is a call to reconsider, as it is a time of solidarity and there are no grounds for dismissal, he said.

The director of IMSS, Zoé Robledo, also made a call to employers to prevent their employees will be left without any social security.

That is to say, recalled that the payment of dues gives you access to the employees medical services, necessary to meet the health crisis.

In that sense, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized is the attitude of the employers, and fell in with the wrong outsorsing.

Attitude is to take raja and hurt the workers it is recurrent and has to do with outsourcing, he said and recalled that this same phenomenon occurred in December, which means that the firms that lead the payroll companies decide to give low to rehire.

If that is wrong, added the governor, now that we are going through is crisis is doubly wrong. How is it possible that one day to another, a company sack 800 employees. It is not the rule, but we don’t want the bad behavior of a few, spreads to others. It is necessary to rectify, as it is wise change your mindhe reiterated.

Mechanics of credits

Reported that you already defined the mechanics for the award of a million credits to small and micro businesses.

He explained that it will be selected from a list of five million applicants that was made when they raised the census of well-being.

The governor said he will sign a simple document to receive 25 thousand pesos and shall be the word the warranty; in 13 months, will be paid 850 pesos and Monday, may 4 begins the delivery.

In addition, Banorte, Santander and Aztec to assist you with this dispersion and hence will be able to have the money to the beneficiaries without paying commissions.

The president also informed that in the meeting yesterday with businessmen, the owner of Maseca, Juan Gonzalezmade the commitment not to increase the price of flour of corn, a feedstock for the tortillas.

He said there is no famine, no inflationand thanked small businesses that are resisting the crisis and what are they doing in a heroic manner.


By Francisco Nieto | Photos By Victor Gahbler


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