Almost falling apart! The bad dance moves for Her that will leave you stunned


Her she is an artist with all the law, to not only sing and write songs, but also dance And do it very well!

The american singer he has a very easy to dance with the one that has won millions of fans in the world.

As we showed a few years ago, and in the video, “Beautiful Liar”, in which there is dancing next to nothing more and nothing less than the world.

And if you have any doubt at all, the only thing you have to do is look at one of their music videos, their hypnotic movements of the hips you will be blown away.

At the last concert, of the the artist is 38 years old he demonstrated that, with the passage of time, which you have done, is to fine-tune your steps and your pace is better than it has ever been.

With a short skirt in the dark the interpreter of “the Halo” it surprised all the participants of the show, as they danced and made gestures very impressive.

Her not only is he a star in the music industry, but also in the world of fashion and business. There is something that you can’t do it?