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In addition to Taylor Swift, Fernando Alonso has a love story, but with a journalist from Dazon. Her name is Melissa Jiminez, she has a father in the MotoGP world and 8 years of history behind her. And the stolen photo in which he was pictured with Alonso has driven the former champion mad that he didn’t actually make it back to the Monaco GP…

DThey all had a definite connection with Taylor Swiftsilence between assurances and reasons for answers Fernando Alonso, But that is not the case. Indeed, not only is Swift Alonso’s new girlfriend, but another female Aston Martin team could be the champion’s current partner. WHO? Melissa Jimenez is a reporter for Dazn Formula 1 Correspondent. It’s hard not to imagine that they met on the side of the track during pre- or post-race interviews, a look, a joke, a smile apart from the others.

scheduled tribeAccording to the Spanish tabloid, they have been together for about two months. Melissa is the daughter of Antonio Jiminez Espargaro, the Aprilia rider’s chief technician. He speaks five languages ​​(French, Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian) and has eight years of history with former Barcelona footballer Marc Batra. Married for five years with the Batras, they have three children, Gala, Abril and Max, who are not even two years old.

ToAlonso also separated But last April, by Austrian journalist Andrea Schlager. Not exactly a silent presence in recent months, just remember the buzz at the last Monaco GP, which counteracted the enthusiasm for Aston Martin’s second place which Alonso would have liked to celebrate. casus belli, A photo of Melissa and Fernando in a graph published by the weekly ¡Hola! And this gave birth to the first hypothesis. then a ride in his private jet, the last time two weeks ago, to get there Spend a Weekend in and Out of the French Riviera away from the enclosure.

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