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Alton Mason said he finally knew his life would change forever when Karl Lagerfeld himself gave him a high-five and confirmed that he would be one of the models for the Métier d’art collection. 2018 News Not only did this catapult a semi-obscure young man from Nebraska of Guinean and Jamaican descent to stardom, but it was a historic milestone in Chanel’s life of more than a century: he would become The first black model to participate in the parade for house. In a few months, the emperor would die, but his blessing on the mannequin would be extended in time. At 25, Alton Mason had achieved what no other man had accomplished in decades: achieved top model status.

The Nebraska native is eager to transfer his undisputed dominance of the fashion shows to film and music. Photo: Getty

Consider that the fashion industry is actually the only professional field where the gender pay gap reverses the order of its factors, with women being paid more than their male counterparts — 75% more, according to one published study. British Broadcasting Corporation In 2016, the influence Mason has gained in recent years makes him the only person today with a real chance of narrowing those divides.According to data released by professional media, the assets are estimated to be around US$5 million. Stark EraThe young man’s value does not stop rising and his figures are already on par with those of the Englishman David Gandy a decade ago, who was also on par with Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne) joins the highest-paid list. Assuming that current catwalk stars like Gigi or Bella Hadid earn around €20 million a year, profits are still considerable, but Mason is keen to make his impact transcend the catwalk and conquer others Entertainment fields (such as music, film, and design), which may affect her income. He is on the same level as global stars like Kendall Jenner or Kaia Gerber.

Named “Model of the Year” by for five consecutive years, the American is the undisputed king of today’s fashion shows, having starred in more than 90 advertising campaigns and participated in 150 shows.High fashion brands such as Versace, Gucci, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga, ocean liners Fast Fashion Car brands like Zara and H&M and even BMW; there’s no commercial brand in the world that wouldn’t be eager to use Mason’s chiseled face as a focal point of attraction. A friend and protégé of Naomi Campbell, the ebony goddess is what the youngster with 1.5 million Instagram followers learns from and emulates.

This mannequin defends its dramatic and timeless style. Photo: Getty

As a young adult, he first met her as a model while showing the Yeezy Season 3 collection promoted by the late Kanye West at Madison Square Garden. Given the opportunity, he stopped sneaking onto the subway — “he had no money” — quit his job at McDonald’s and avoided showing up to 20 auditions a day. Look up from there. “Naomi is a role model for everyone to follow. Having the opportunity to have her be my mentor and relax, eat and travel with her means a lot to me. It’s almost like Michael Jordan inviting my dad to play ball with him Same,” he said.

The reference to the Chicago Bulls myth is no coincidence. His father was a headstrong basketball player but not talented enough to make a name for himself in the NBA, so the model spent much of his childhood and teenage years traveling around Europe following his father’s new career. To be exact, I went to eleven countries in thirteen years. Alton Jr. was a fan of Prince, Michael and Janet Jackson, and even then, the younger Alton used his dancing to liven up his father’s breaks between games. He studied dance and acting and never hesitated to use his skills to stand out from the other candidates for every casting call. For example, they say he conquered former Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele by imitating James Brown’s hip movements in a room without music.

Naomi Campbell considers Mason her male heir. Photo: Getty

When asked about the key to his rapid success, he always stresses the importance of emphasizing each person’s individuality and individuality. Before finding success in the fashion industry, he worked as a dancer for artists such as P. Diddy and worked with Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. As well as giving off the air of a Seventies star, he defines his style as idiosyncratic, timeless – “I can jump to any period” – and dramatic. “Because I have always been surrounded by clothing, I incorporate it into my daily life. Like, who do I want to be today?” He considers the long-awaited designer Virgil Abloh not only a reference, but also an “elder brother”, Because he put his trust in him when he was just another model among thousands in the industry.

Despite its privileged status in the industry, the Alton Mason program is still far from its ceiling due to the multidisciplinary aspects that make it a rare avis. He makes no secret of his ambition to become a fashion designer and creative director – “I want to own my own house,” he confesses. Q– Coming soon is the first collaboration with the BB Simon belt brand. But away from the catwalk, the American is already working on his first album as a solo artist and last year made his debut as an actor in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Mason guest-starred as rock pioneer Little Richard in “Little Richard.” Elvis PresleyThe film, starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, put him on the Oscar red carpet. “One of my first memories of college is attending a Hollywood watch party with my roommate; now we’re on the same street attending the Oscars with a nominated film,” he recalled on his Instagram account. This may not be your last.Mason awaits release dream sceneThe film starring Nicolas Cage, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, tells the story of a family man who suddenly intrudes into the dreams of millions of strangers.

Mason played singer Little Richard in “Elvis.” Photo: Warner

Mason is leading a generational change, eager to end traditional standards in fashion and make mandatory commitments to inclusion and diversity, not just marketing claims with an expiration date. By the age of 25, he had decided to lead by example and lead projects to help poor families in Nigeria. Through this philanthropic effort, he hopes to capitalize on the media attention he has received and transfer it to the African statement IDAdmitting that both schools and the media “instill fear and lies” about the continent. “I’m destined to expand and create more lives out there through fashion, music, film and technology,” he concluded.

Mason also didn’t miss the red carpet at the last Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Getty

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