Amagan with burn hospital if they are hosting to patients with Covid-19


Amagan with burn hospital if they are hosting to patients with Covid-19
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Inhabitants of the municipality of Axochiapan, east of the state, manifested in the hospital “Dr. Angel Ventura Neri” to warn the medical direction that will not allow the accommodation of people living with the Covid-19, and in case of occupying the beds will burn the hospital.
The protest was carried out by about 150 people Monday night outside the hospital and claimed that his denial that the hospital provides care to a population infected with coronavirus is that it has no ability even to attend to the patients of the region.
“Here, the only point that interests us is that it is clear to the hospital that we are not interested in bring anyone, and if they are going to ruin all of it’s going to be tough,” said a man who azuzó their neighbors to stand firm in his stance.
“We burned it (the hospital). What if you do not have the capacity to attend to what little there is here in the hospital, they believe that they will be able to meet a contingency? It is a thing ridiculous,” said another lady.
“Listen well, we burned it (the hospital). There are many other hospitals. We burned the hospital and the principal,” amagaron.
Another settler who participated in the protest suggested that having petrol bombs and dropping them to the hospital to scare the medical staff.
“To what do you want a pin… hospital where they have come from all the patients. If the doctors already said they do not have the capacity to cater to such people, and we are being responsible to tell you that if someone comes here we’re going to act,” said.
By the afternoon, the ministry of Health in Morelos, confirmed seven cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), denied 72 and 31 remain as suspects and kept a death.
At a press conference, Marco Antonio Cantú Caves, the holder of the bouquet, he pointed out, that the new confirmed case is a male of 37 years in the region south west, with a history of travel to the united States.
In this sense, Marco Cantú reiterated the call to respect human rights and confidentiality of persons; so as to not spread rumors or false news that could alarm the public.

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