Amanda Cerny is the recorded on video, and has enormous!


The physical training is in its golden era with the emergence of social networks. In many cases there is greater appreciation of a body well-worked that any genius that can be shared. Amanda Cerny take advantage of this as a professional of physical training to gain followers as if it were a contest. Until the time when Instagram has 26 million followers and counting, nothing seems to stop it.

It has come out a video where Amanda decided to show only how great are your abdominals. The similarity with a tablet of chocolate is unique and caused madness among his fans.

Before you have a major impact on the networks, Cerny it was Playboy bunny. It was meant to call attention to their beauty and occurrences that share followed. In his 28 years, he has found the formula for success. Is accompanied by the knowledge required to perfect your body with training, becoming a woman unstoppable.

Amanda Cerny is a lover of the natural

Contrary to what your photos and videos can show, Amanda is an advocate of naturalness in women. Followed take a break from makeup in their publications to not idealicen and think that physical perfection there is.

One of the phrases that best received was the large amount of people that look up to her was: If you feel ugly today, just know that the “beauty” with which you are comparing online is not real. Is makeup, filters and photoshop. Remove it all, and we all have dark circles or freckles or fine lines and imperfections … that is what is real. You’re beautiful babe.

Inside a world where the artificial seems to be winning the game to the reality, opinions sensible as Amanda Cerny you are welcome. Until the moment continues to gain credit in order to occupy the first places in the competitive world of influencers.