Amanda Cerny is what gets and pulls it between the legs and record it on video!


We have just seen the last publication of Amanda Cerni and still we need air, boqueamos with the intention that our lungs working again and even with these, Amanda, you have left us crazy.

The comedian parody to the more normal and routine it is followed by millions of faithful who are not only addicted to your humorbut also to your body, your curves and your appealbecause Amanda is going enough of all this.

And today not anymore, but in her younger years came to occupy leaves of magazines of adults for all that she has, it’s almost nothing, Amanda!

But all this physicalall these graces of nature you have not fallen from the sky as he does not want the thing, the youtuber he works his body based well in the gym, knows that part of its appeal lies in him and not abandon him, who out-weighs you!

And that goes the last publication of the comedian digitalof how to stay in shape and how much it would costbecause although you may not believe, exercise is so extreme that it gives the feeling that Amanda suffers.

Ration of weights and squats to strengthen legs, weights that come in and out of the legs so that the arms continue to toned and abdominal of the to lie down to tremble because just look at our famous it hurts us even to us!

Go way of machacarte-based exercisego capacity for sacrifice and a small amount of weight you can lift.

If you intend to encourage us to play sport we are sorry to tell you that there has been no luck. That we would love and we would like to have your body, and yours, but we have already been without air, seeing to it, as to do it ourselves.