Amanda Cerny shooting in the bath with very little soap!


That you have a profession past that has nothing to do with the of today it is quite common among the celebrities.

Of the sudden, they tell you that your vocation it is totally different to what they had been doing until then and stick to the change, or the switch.

Amanda Cerny tired of being a girl Playboy, appear in the inside pages of this magazine and on the cover at some time or other and set about to make of cartoon in videos that rose to Instagram until it dominated the landscape and began to live it, to what things are.

And since we say that it is common among them, because Andrea Sword we also started with the photos subiditas tone and ended up with the humor, it is seen that laughter is the antidote.

Besides this the laughterAmanda is professional traineryour body and your curves give a good account of the time that the youtuber used in the gym and in their routines sports.

He shared a taste for that humor on-line with your ‘ex friend’ Lele Pons, and following a course boycott by Lele videos of Amanda the friendship was a thing of the past, what are the things.

Amanda today also boasts body but in a different way as before. Dare to take photos in the bathtubwith low-foam, teaching leg and with the pose of the most attractive. If so are the snapshots of today, we do not want to even think how you were yesterday.

And all because Amanda has done one of those typical calendars for the next year, in which the protagonist is her. A calendar spicy and salty as she says , on photos, few clothes, an entire success, for sure.