Amanda Lear: “Love? I adopted a cat, I closed the boutique

Who interviews Amanda Lear while walking in the garden of her home in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, where her husband Alain-Philippe Malagnac d’Argent de Ville died in a fire. The actress (and always timeless artist, presenter, singer) is looking forward to filming the international fashion series Lace for Apple TV.

To those who talk about the normality of their lives, which many consider absurd and strange, “I go out, I take the car, I go to the newsstand, I do my shopping, with a shovel. People like me because they see me for who I am.”

Amanda has made headlines for men like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol or David Bowie, but today she talks about love in a different way.

“A few days ago I adopted a cat that I already screwed up on my Instagram. She is two months old and her name is Sissi, just like the Empress. Some time ago I lost my beloved cat and I was terrified. She was 23 years old, she had only one tooth, and she was as decrepit as many others, but every night she slept with me.

Then he jokes about talking to a cat “I’m not Lambertucci!” Patty Pravo says she talks to seagulls…

“Okay, but she also talks to stones. Surely you have strange characters in Italy, right? (laughs, ed.) Have you seen Britney Spears and Madonna scaled down? This job is wearing out”

Today Amanda Lear spends her time reading scripts, books, writing and drawing. “Nude men, with muscles, high and strong buttocks, but without models: now I am guided only by memory.” Only from memory joking why “Everyone knows: I closed the boutique” Amanda “sex, drugs and rock and roll” no longer exists, she was just “commercial product”

Is sex overrated?

“What was revolutionary and transgressive in my time has now become terribly boring. They talk about it a lot, too much, and actually I get the impression that they talk about it more than… then put it into practice. Once it was liked because it was forbidden, but now the magic is lost. Sex, if you think about it, is an exchange of energies. However, today I see how they are all bored in front of Tinder and do not know what to hope for. At 10 years old, instead of going out, I’m already on porn sites, not realizing that sex will never be like this.

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