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Amanda Seyfried about the role that brought her her first Oscar nomination

Amanda Seyfried won the first Oscar nomination in 2021 after 25 years of film career, as the film Mank in which he plays with Gary Oldman – on which occasion he also appeared on the cover of the May Cosmopolian edition. The well-known actress from Hollywood, however, started her public life at the age of 11, in the world of modeling, and since the age of 15 she has been playing multe in many of the films you have watched with pleasure over time. What’s next for Amanda now?

Her first known role was Lucy in the American soap opera As the World Turns, aired on CBS for 54 years, from 1956 to 2010. And her first nomination for the coveted and elitist Oscar film trophies went to Amanda for playing the character Marion Davies in the production Mank, directed by David Fincher, largely about the film world of the 1930s and, occasionally, about the life of alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (played by Gary Oldman) as he struggles to complete the screenplay for the film Citizen Kane.

Mank received this year the package with the most nominations – 10, including the nomination for “Best Film of the Year”… So this moment is a turning point in the most positive way possible for the entire career of actress Amanda Seyfried, with which most of us grew up with, being practically one of the children of Hollywood, along with names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, – all those children and teenagers whose universe was shaped in around public appearances and whose private life was rather a prerogative of their career and not the other way around.

Many of those who love Amanda may not even know the movies she starred in or just associate her with the idyllic image in the musical. Mamma Mia, while running and singing, in love, on the beaches of Greece (2008/2018). Or with Karen, from Bad Girls, a role for which he took a break from the faculty courses he attended. Or with Cosette, from Les Miserables. It doesn’t matter what awards you get, as long as you are loved and part of the “organization”, we would say, but for her things are a little different.

He definitely needed a professional reset and upgrade. “Being part of such a popular project, and then recognizing your merits for your unique performance, is very beautiful. To be recognized by those in your guild – don’t expect it, but when it happens, it confirms your choice to be an actor “, Amanda confessed for Hollywood Reporter the morning of the news.

We’re talking about a role in a movie – which examines the process of creating another movie, Citizen Kane, one of the most important films ever produced in film history – Mank being, in turn, very loved by the members of the Academy, but almost unknown to the general public, the audience I said above that he simply loves Amanda, beyond her films.

Nor could a more appropriate paradox be created with her image. And the news of the nomination was received from her mother, who was informed by the actress’ publicist, because at the time of the announcement, she had her phone on silent and all notifications off.

Cosmopolitan May 2021
Amanda Seyfried © Cosmopolitan Romania | May 2021

The choice was a deliberate one, as the actress explained, throughout her career, it was just the two of them – her and her mother – so she let the one who raised her share the good news or , otherwise, the news was less good, adding: “It was a very nice way to wake up with the call of my mother who gave me the news.” Moreover, as soon as she turned on her phone, the actress received a funny message from co-star Gary Oldman. Actress Lily Collins also wrote part of the same production.

About the character who brought her first Oscar nomination, Amanda Seyfried told Variety, excited: “She is a person who existed, and we need to reshape the legacy she left behind.” What is really fascinating is the fact that in this case, as in very few, the actress had to confirm an image, but to restore a legacy that her character does not deserve, and to give credibility to a new one.

Marion Davies is the star of Citizen Kane, an American actress, producer, screenwriter and philanthropist, originally educated in the religious spirit of a monastery. After running away from school, he sang in various choirs, then as a teenager appearing in several Broadway musicals.

More about this real character I leave you to discover watching the film that most critics claim has at least three great strengths: the performance of Amanda Seyfried, the homage of a beautiful era in the past, and the image of the film itself. Some of those who appreciate the art of cinema say, on the other hand, that the film did not receive the only nomination that really differentiates it from the others: The best screenplay, which is in the case Mank, truly iconic.

But, having no power in this regard, let’s review the most important topics in the film, the love of art:

  1. The main story written by director David Fincher’s father, Jack Fincher just before his death in 2003, based on real events in the life of Herman Mankiewicz or Mank, as he was called, in an attempt to work on his work Citizen Kane, for Orson Welles (played by Tom Burke). Must deliver the script within 60 days. The action takes place in 1940, with several flashbacks from his career Mank from 1930s Hollywood;
  2. This is how we are introduced in the second plan, through which the cinema of that beautiful period is somehow honored, where we have Marion Davies in the center. Only in Hollywood, baby!
  3. A third plot of the story tangentially leads to an extremely serious subject, the 1934 California government elections and propaganda films.

Asked by the Hollywood Reporter about the performance of the film that brought her success, Amanda Seyfried said, with specific candor, but without lack of modesty: “I’m not surprised. It’s a masterpiece. It’s about David Fincher, and the people he hires are his caliber. It took me a while to feel that I deserved to be on the set, to be one of his choices, to trust me. At some point, you just have to rise to the occasion. This film is what it is because of every person involved in its production, every little piece of the puzzle. ”

This highlight of the career of the actress born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, who from a very young age flirted with the world of modeling, writing and musical interpretation, means something besides a little extra glory: Amanda Seyfried grew up. Actress Amanda Seyfried grew up. Things have changed, and a new stage awaits her. “As time goes on, the more specific my role preferences become,” he told Variety.

“I want to be in the hands of a great director. And the script is where everything starts, the basis of the whole project. It has to be interesting, at least in a way that makes sense. “

Amanda Seyfried Oscar nomination

Also related to the script, the actress made another confession: “I hate to read, I am more of a person in the area of ​​hearing skills. I know from the first 10 pages of the script whether it will be something I want to be a part of or not. And the older I get, the better roles I get. Once you have a baby, you are no longer naive.

Now, for example, I play the role of mother, which is naturally much more interesting to me. ” And because I came to the role of a mother, in her real life, I would like to remind you that Amanda Seyfried, the one I thought would always be one of Hollywood’s spoiled children, is a loving and extremely responsible mother. for her little girl Nina Sadoski and little boy Thomas Seyfried-Sadoski. “I am stronger. I can say no more easily, I can’t do this because I spend time with my daughter. Do you want me to be naked at the top? How about we eliminate the sex scene altogether? And no, I’m not wearing a thong! ”She said after experiencing motherhood (source: Huffpost)

And when asked how she maintains the balance between professional and personal life, Amanda sharply clarified: “Children are my priority, I want to raise them in a safe environment, with happiness and love, I do as much as I can in this regard. But I also work. I have to work. To be happy. And my husband has to work to be happy. It is more about creating a space where we feel safe. And if I don’t feel safe, how could my little girl do it? ”

The actress is also one of those lucky mothers who, instead of the nanny, her mother lives with her. Which helps her say she wants more kids, “4 or even 5, why not ?!” And in most of the family photos, her brown puppy, Finn, an adopted Australian Shepherd, also appears, who she said at one point changed her life, helping her fight anxiety. “When you have a life like the one I had, it’s hard to find a constant. Finn changed my life, helped me find my independence. My antidepressants were to save a life, ”she shared.

There is a lot to tell about Amanda Seyfried, being a complex woman, as graceful as she is strong. Of course, with her hobbies, such as knitting elegant hats and baby boots (she knits even when she walks her dogs, still part of some kind of therapy) to taxidermy (in other words, the well-known stuffing), having a huge collection of animals (butterflies, an owl, a fox, a goat, a deer and even a horse). Who are we to judge the pleasures of men ?! What is certain is that, as she herself admitted, Amanda Seyfried is obsessive-compulsive, meaning she feels the need to do several things at once, every day.

Her German, English, Scottish-Irish and Welsh origins make her a unique presence in Hollywood, with an almost exotic charm, one more reason to look forward to her appearance at the Oscars – where the star is very excited to knows that it can safely celebrate right in the middle of events, while hoping that everyone on the ground will be vaccinated or have had COVID; this being one of the statements of the post-pandemic world that we are not yet accustomed to, but which will surely become familiar to us.

So, a lot of beautiful things happen in and around the film that brought her her first Oscar nomination. And related to him, Amanda Seyfried is as happy as she is when she talks about the birth of her children, “a difficult and wonderful experience”, which she would always talk about. And I really think that her performance makes a difference this time, but also in general. Only if I remember how much I cried watching the remake Les Miserables since 2012, when Amanda Seyfried played Cosette, alongside Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway… and cut!

Photo: Getty Images.

This article appeared in Cosmopolitan, the May 2021 edition, which you can order here. Subscribe right now to Cosmopolitan, accessing our subscription offers.

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Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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