Amanda Seyfried in “A Crowded Room” interview

TOsend Seyfried defines herself as impulsive and curious. She looks fragile and translucent like Melozzo da Forli’s renaissance angel, with big blue eyes, blond curls and a sweet smile, but this is the moment: in fact, she is a determined and stubborn woman in pursuit of the characters she wants to embody on screen. .

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His personal life is thus the result of a perfect balance between opposite worlds: he flies to Los Angeles – he says peremptorily – only for work, while lives in upstate New York on a farm with her husband Thomas Sadoski and two children (Nina, six, and Thomas, two) and in the company of horses, goats, dogs and turtles.

Oscar and Golden Globe

Since his film debut in Mean Girls2004we have seen it in different projects, from big love (she was a polygamous teenage daughter) to hugely popular musicals Oh mom! AND Outcasts. She has worked with David Fincher, David Lynch, Paul Schrader, Noah Baumbach, Atom Egoyan, always showing a versatile talent and stubbornly avoiding the cliché of the (only) beautiful and seductive blonde.

As Hollywood actress Marion Davis V Munkreceived an Oscar nomination and then Emmy and Golden Globe Series dropoutin which she played with great sensibility the visionary and ambitious Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos (she promised technology to enable fast and highly efficient blood tests, was ultimately sentenced to 11 years in prison for fraud, ed.).

Crowded roompsychological thriller

Now in series Crowded room (on Apple TV+) is a psychological thriller written by Akiva Goldsman (Oscar winner for beautiful mind) – Seyfried plays another charismatic and intense role: she is Raya investigator who interrogates a young man with a hammer for six months Danny Sullivan (great Tom Holland, English actor Spiderman), accused of murder, revealing the boy’s unspoken past from their long and painful encounters and clashes. On stage, she appears without makeup, hastily dressed, with her hair combed back; today, however, as we speak, with a shiny apple green silk jacket, very long golden hair, soft pink lips, she is a mermaid. But direct, direct, passionate in the answers, because, he repeats clearly, “I believe in this series, I am passionate about it.”

Destabilizing effect

Amanda Seyfried in the movie A Crowded Room.

Why does he care so much?
I fell in love with Riya, her tenacity and curiosity fascinated me. I was struck by his interest in humanity and its struggles. My emotional spectrum is intense, and here I had the opportunity to express it: Crowded room it was a new challenge. And then there was Tom…

For Holland, it was a very strong experience from an emotional point of view: he admitted that six months of filming had a destabilizing effect on him, as well as influenced his behavior off the set. Did this happen to her too?
No, not me. However, the character of Tom is probably one of the toughest and most complex ever written. I was amazed by his total dedication, total dedication to playing Danny, such a confused, ambivalent and complex boy.

I think it was hard for her too.
At first we were closed in a room, sitting at the table together, rehearsing for hours. As the days passed, our relationship became more spontaneous and relaxed: I, the inquisitor, was forced to extract all the information I could from him; him in such a continuous swing of emotions, with moments of anger alternating with sadness … In the end, he collapsed in exhaustion. Gradually, however, every time he relaxed, relaxed, he was finally able to take a deep breath: this room became something of a refuge for both of them.

Childhood of Amanda Seyfried

Investigation, interrogation and dealing with a troubled young man like Danny requires a certain amount of mental preparation and a strong component of empathy. Goldman, also the writer of the series, wrote it “with the hope of eliciting sympathy and greater understanding from those who feel differently”. Danny also has a very difficult relationship with his mother.
I believe that any problem always starts in childhood. Not all parents have the tools to deal with and resolve their children’s emotional upheavals, especially if they are unable to deal with their own. It is a vicious circle, a cycle that repeats itself: each of us has a trauma: each was a child, and the trauma has its roots in the history of mankind.

Are new generations more aware of these issues?
I don’t think so, these problems have always been there. Today’s reality is not much different from the reality of the 70s (the action of the series takes place in New York of that decade, ed.), only now they talk about it openly, accept it and pay much more attention to it.

Terrible discomfort

Amanda Seyfried with her husband Thomas Sadoski (photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images).

She is the mother of two children…
… and I would never want my children to experience emotions that they cannot express or share with me, or even worse, that they have to hide, clean up. It will make things worse and they will never get over it. Instead, they should build their own defenses, even with my help, and feel free to express their feelings. Raising children is difficult, you have to pass an exam before the birth of a child, and not drive a car!

She looks like a woman who knows what she wants. He is successful at work, has a close-knit family, lives in the countryside and works between New York and Hollywood. However, I remember him telling me a few years ago that he was going through a difficult period of melancholy and panic attacks. How did it happen?
Talk about it, openly solve your problems. I had to be honest with my mother, decide to ask her for help and admit that I was scared. It’s hard to tell someone you’re scared, usually you prefer to say “I’m mad at you”. At that time, my mother dropped everything and moved to live with me for a month. I felt like a terrible creature, and also terribly uncomfortable. Then the revelation of this feeling of embarrassment was dramatic, because I was ashamed or something similar to shame.

“My tricks”

Amanda Seyfried with Tom Holland in A Crowded Room.

And what happened after that?
I started treatment, went to a psychotherapist and discovered that I have obsessive-compulsive syndrome: this is a condition that you can live with, you can even overcome it, but you need to work on it very seriously. Some mechanisms are very difficult to break: usually we are trying to survive, and our mind resorts to tricks to help us.

Not wanting to think that one day we will die. We do not want to admit it, we deny this reality, we remove it, because we want to live at any cost. I don’t want to think about my death because I am here with you right now, and rightly so, but there are certain considerations that we must make in order to accept this truth and move on in life. For this reason, I must learn to recognize what is harmful, destructive: it creates an imbalance in my life and has negative consequences.

It’s always interesting to listen to her talk about her experience.
Everything becomes “existential”, doesn’t it? I get excited when we touch on certain topics. I also know that when we talk about our injuries, we don’t fix everything and can’t fully “heal” them, but I also believe that the more we talk about them, the more old wounds heal. It’s all about, as I said, finding the right tools and using them to create your own rescue kit. If then, with what we have learned, we can lend a helping hand to those in need, so much the better.


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