Amandine Petit: A new galley for Miss France 2021!


Amandine Petit confided in this new galley she has just met during her move into the official apartment of Miss France …

Amandine Petit will never forget this day that changed her life. On December 19, the 23-year-old from Normandy was crowned Miss France 2021 during the live contest on TF1 which at the same time celebrated its centenary. But for the one who succeeded Clémence Botino, all is not perfectly rosy and the new beauty queen has already had to face many criticisms and controversies.

In addition, the sublime young lady must have wiped a few small “fists” since her election. First of all with the loss of her cell phone just after her coronation at Puy du Fou. Recently, Amandine Petit moved into the official Miss France apartment, located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. And again, all did not go as planned. “When I arrived and I settled in, I am very greedy so I ate a Kinder and when I went to put my paper in the trash, I, unfortunately, realized that I had my feet in the water … So there had been water damage in the apartment! “she revealed on” Good Morning Week-End “on Non-Stop People.

At the beginning of January, Miss France 2021 was not already showing great enthusiasm for her new princess home. “It has the reputation of being very hot, it is said every year between the Misses. But Maëva Coucke has found where to lower the temperature and I thank her. Without her, I would currently be a roast chicken “, said this amateur of local products at the Parisian!