Amarilla Island Family Health Center and City Health Department highlight participation in endoscopic care procedures

The man who performed the endoscopy was Luis Aguilera, a digestive surgeon and endoscopist who works at several locations in San Diego, one of which is the Endoscopic Surgery Clinic, also in Central Post office work. In this regard, the expert explained, “Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy allows us to see the upper gastrointestinal tract, that is, the examination of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. A large number of people in this country should undergo digestive endoscopy.” Completed , especially since we have a high prevalence of gastric cancer. In this case, the test detects an infection that occurs when H. pylori infects the stomach. H. pylori infection is a common cause of stomach ulcers (peptic ulcers), and more than half the world’s population may have H. pylori.

Most people don’t realize they have H. pylori infection because they never get sick, but it can damage the protective coating of the stomach and small intestine. Therefore, stomach acid can cause open sores (ulcers). Ulcers develop in about 10% of people with H. pylori infection.

It may also cause inflammation of the stomach lining and cause irritation and swelling (gastritis). In addition, it may also cause stomach cancer. However, this H. pylori infection, if caught in time, is treatable with antibiotics, in this case with medications provided free of charge by the Family Health Center itself.

One user who was diagnosed with the infection was tierramarillana Yohanna Rojas, 40, who was referred to the hospital by a doctor at the Family Health Center, who ordered her to undergo an endoscopy, “which cost more than 300,000 dollars, but here they do it for free “It seems to me that the community in Amarilla Island doesn’t value what they have because even in Copiapo, there are not so many health benefits offered,” he said Furthermore, he valued the experience, saying “it was not disabling because after a few hours, I was able to recover from the anesthesia and return to work. “

According to the specialist doctor’s advice, “For people between the ages of 18, 70 and 80 years, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is usually recommended, and during this operation we did detect gastric cancer. Unfortunately, for the patient As well as other cases where we identified early injuries and it was important to identify those injuries. The experience at Tierra Amarilla has been very satisfying and we have a long tradition of always coming with them for some health issues. So the truth is we Very happy, they were perfect for us, the fact that we felt at home”.

Additional Considerations for Resolution Planning

Eye care is provided for non-AUGE patients, ie patients between the ages of 15 and 64, who receive care in our primary eye care unit, UAPO.

In addition, external services are purchased, such as purchasing lenses for patients prescribed by ophthalmologists.

ENT surgery is also available to non-AUGE users by purchasing the service from an individual. Our center provides podiatry care, a service for the diabetic, pregnant, morbidly obese, bedridden and blind at nearby medical offices and medical stations. Professional dental care is an extremely valuable service.

All of these programs are available at the City of Tierra Amarilla Family Health Center and those who want to receive these benefits must be registered with Cesfam.

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