Amazing! The skirt Sommer Ray don’t cover nothing and teaches everything!


Sommer Ray has very clear that the muscles, the sport and be the queen fitness excellence doesn’t have to be wrong with the style, that she knows for a while.

Pretty rabid, and with a body that is the envy of all that look Sommer knows that raising passions there for where it goes and that its green eyes do not leave anyone indifferent always get to take off your view of the rest of your anatomy.

Famous for bringing the bikinis more minis and leave the view more of a attributethe model fitness also knows how to surprise you with outfits and costumes that we have less used.

Says Sommer that what to dress to what Jane of the Jungle goes with it, and we think the same thing. And go with it for the wild side the character is also present in it, so the natural life and the sportthe passion shared by the two women and what would be unusual is to see a feminine with its anatomy.

And if Jane reaching for leaves and other accessories plant to cover their body, Sommer does with fabricbut little and strategically placed. Because the printed top that has been limited to cover the front and leaving abdominal. And if you rustic it is present in all the costume of the athlete, the mini was not going to be less. A mini size incredibly mini that threat to bring to light what worn underneath, with side openings, two pieces of fabrics together by a pair of knots that it’s almost do not cover anything and teaches more of the account!

Bold as few and sure of herself, with skirt, without her or whatever. So is Sommer Ray, the athlete who usually wears very little fabric.