Amazon and Apple were fined in Italy more than USD 225 million for this reason

Apple and Amazon received a millionaire fine (Photo: Apple - Amazon / Agencies)
Apple and Amazon received a millionaire fine (Photo: Apple – Amazon / Agencies)

A Italian organism that regulates commercial activities fined to the tech giants, Amazon and Manzana more than USD 225 million, for being involved in anti-competitive cooperationas they do not allow some resellers to put products Manzana and Beats on the platform founded by Jeff Bezos.

In this way, the body “applied a sanction of 68.7 million euros to the companies of the Amazon group and 134.5 million euros to those of the Apple group.”

Through a statement collected by Reuters, It was reported that the Italian institution established, thanks to an investigation, that some of the clauses of the contract signed on October 31, 2018, were violating Article 101 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, to the do not allow resellers on the platform.

“It banned official and unofficial Apple and firm resellers Beats use the platform and allowed the sale of Apple and Beats products in this market only to Amazon and some vendors chosen individually and in a discriminatory way, “said the letter.

Amazon Italy would have a reseller limit (Photo: REUTERS / Abhishek N. Chinnappa / File Photo)
Amazon Italy would have a reseller limit (Photo: REUTERS / Abhishek N. Chinnappa / File Photo)

Likewise, in the investigation they found that the “will” of both US companies was to introduce quantitative restrictions in the number of resellers to increase your profits.

This would be extremely serious, since in Italy about 70% of the shopping for electronic products are carried out in Amazon. In this way, the European Union justice establishes that the distribution systems in competition matters must be based on qualitative, non-discriminatory criteria and be the same for all potential resellers.

For its part, Manzana He denied any illegal action within his actions, stating that he works closely with his reseller partners.

“We have dedicated groups of experts around the world who work with the police, customs and retailers to ensure that only genuine products are sold,” Apple said in a letter to which it had access RT.

Both companies will seek to appeal the fine (Photo: EFE / Marc Arcas)
Both companies will seek to appeal the fine (Photo: EFE / Marc Arcas)

Also the firm of Jeff Bezos, pointed out that they do not benefit by excluding some vendors of your store, since your business model depends on your successes. “Thanks to the agreement [con Apple], Italian customers can find in our store the latest Apple and Beats products, enjoying a catalog that has doubled, with better offers and faster shipments ”.

Meanwhile, the Italian authority pointed out that Amazon and Apple must allow the equal access to all vendors of original products on Both companies are considering making an appeal considering that the million-dollar fine is “disproportionate and unjustified.”

Contrary to American businesses, the consumer association Codacons welcomes the measure taken by the Italian authorities.


“Any limitation to the access of the operators in the e-commerce platforms harms consumers, “said Carlo Rienzi, president of Codacons, quoted by the AGI agency to Reuters.

He said that after the restrictions imposed on Apple resellers, consumers had a limited choice of products and a reduced possibility of obtaining discounts.

This would not be the first time that the Italian authority has imposed millionaire fines on technology companies, because last May it imposed a sanction of USD 114 million on Google for abuse of a dominant position.

The fine stemmed from the company’s refusal to accept a third-party application on Google Play to find electric vehicle charging stations.


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