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Amazon assures players that LOST ARK will be fair game in terms of monetization

Since LOST ARK will be released for American and European players, a whole battle unfolded on the Internet. Some players believe that the game will be distributed based on the Pay-2-Win model, while others argue otherwise.

In this regard, Amazon had to intervene. Company representatives tweeted:

It will be fair, fun and great gameplay with no in-app purchases required.

On the other hand, some elements of western LOST ARK are controversial. Since they can be attributed to Pay-2-Win and Pay-2-Progress. Although the authors themselves believe that the game’s business model is the fairest when comparing the project with ArcheAge or Black Desert.

In any case, it is not yet known whether Amazon decides to “copy” the item store from the South Korean version or whether it decides to add something of its own.

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