Amber Heard avoided another trial. And this time through the “fault” of his beloved dogs.

Looking forward to resuming her acting career after a famous court case in which her main characters were together. ex-husband Johnny Deppwhile we keep talking about Amber Heard refers to news and trials. In addition to suing the insurance company, star risked being sued again – and pleaded guilty.

The story began in 2015: actress Aquaman had tried illegally brought into Australia two of her Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo. – A very strict country when it comes to biodiversity, the ecosystem and, above all, customs. She took them with her when she was visiting then-husband Johnny Depp on the set of her fifth film. saga of Pirates CaribbeanBut he did not declare them to the immigration office.

An omission that was a clear violation of Australia’s domestic quarantine rules, so much so that in June of that year, a prosecutor decided to file a case against the actress. two cases of dog smuggling in the country and one more for being presented a false document. In 2017, Amber Heard appeared before the judges, pleading guilty to the crimes committed and was convicted. one month bail for good behavior. But that’s not all.

Statements by Depp’s former employee, released in 2020 as part of a libel case filed against the actress, alleged that Hurd was aware of the quarantine rules An Australian who voluntarily concealed this fact from the authorities. The revelations prompted investigators to revisit the case and assess whether the actress was accused of perjury.

However, according to People and other foreign media, prosecutors Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry they decided don’t sue amber heard. “The department is working with agencies both in Australia and overseas to investigate the allegations against Ms Heard. the authorities said. A summary of the evidence was submitted to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Australia, who decided not to prosecute the case.“.

The creepiest aspect of the story? In 2015, the authorities gave Amber Heard and Johnny Depp two options: they were given 50 hours to bring the dogs back to the US, otherwise they would have been killed. Needless to say, the now famous couple put Pistol and Boo back on the first plane…

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